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This Collection of MORE THAN 850 Steam Train Videos will keep you glued to the screen for hours maybe weeks on end. Truly a must for all Steam Train enthusiasts! Videos include: British Railways steam locomotive 2010 Bath Spa UK High Definition Ve

Voya Media is a cross-platform media player that easily plays all your music, pictures and videos. Privacy - Jammary Consulting does not collect any information stored on the local system Music - All the popular codecs (AAC, AC3, ALAC, DTS, FLAC, M

EDMtv - LIKE THE OTHER CHANNELS, BUT MUCH LOUDER Live TV broadcasts 360 3D Livestreaming from music festivals Exclusive music videos and interviews with your favorite artists

Introducing Cinema for Hulu: The ultimate third-party Hulu desktop client. Cinema for Hulu allows you to view Hulu Videos without the need for a web browser in a HTML 5 compliant video player -- Simply open the app, login, and you're good to go. As w

Nenamark3 is a benchmark that measures the 3d performance of a system by gradually increasing the complexity of a scene until the frame rate drops below 60. Purpose Nenamark3 is run to compare different systems against each other from a 3d graphics

Emoji Megademo

19 days ago

The Emoji Megademo is a homage to the ages of the Commodore Amiga home computer where we used to celebrate each release of a new Megademo. In this generative art you'll be able to watch nice animations of funny emojis. Our Kids are loving this and y

This collection of 330 Virtual Journeys are a brilliant tool for the treadmill or cycling machine and will entertain you whilst you put on the miles. Otherwise its just great entertainment even if you are just sitting! Videos include Heaven and Hel

StarMessage is a feature-rich screensaver that shows the moon in its current moon phase, warns you about the upcoming full moon and new moon. It is a unique screen saver that lets you write messages that will be shown as twinkling stars on the night

The classic Tic-Tac-Toe game right on your menu bar! Play TicTacToe anytime without losing focus on your work. Just click on the TicTacToe grid icon in the menubar and you can start playing! ≈ WHAT IS TIC TAC TOE ≈ Tic-tac-toe is a fun

Some videos are not meant to be watched alone. is an application that revolutionises how you’ll watch online videos offering the possibility to create a room and invite a friend with who to watch YouTube videos synchronised. Ye

Diese App blendet den aktuellen Wochenplan von RocketBeans TV in der Menüleiste von macOS ein. Über einen Klick auf das Icon werden die laufenden und kommenden Sendungen eingeblendet. Funktionsumfang: - Anzeige des Wochenplans in der Men&

Take control of your children's Netflix viewing! Flix for Kids is a Netflix viewer that lets kids watch Netflix titles seamlessly right from your Mac desktop. No web browser required! - Safer than a web browser because kids can't click links or bro

SkyBee Player

10 days ago

Digital content is rad, their total desktop takeover is not. With some media players, it can be hard to watch a movie and use your computer for, well, anything else. Audio visualization is sweet, but it's always in the way, forget about it. If fin

Download high quality images form and set them as your desktop wallpaper regularly. Completely open source on GitHub:

*Please note this app support German language and only.* German headlines and radio channels, automatically display within the app German news, full articles with images. The most powerful news app for German news, guaranteed. The app collects the ne

*** LAUNCH PROMO *** *** 50% off for this first period *** There's chemical between you and the others? Tell them with your chemical formula. Build your own word, name, phrase or love declaration with Chem's words. Simply insert the word or phrase

Brickworks is a modern streamlined viewer for virtual LEGO models and scenes created using the LDraw™ open standard. * Supports both the original LDR format and MPD multi-part models * Includes the LDraw Part Library, so you don't have to

Powerful and modern moon phase calculator with detailed interpretations and lunar astrology. - Calculate moon phase, set/rise, moon day, moon sign for any date in any location. - Find required lunar day, sign, void of course. - Get moon interpretatio

UK news and radios, automatically display within the app UK's news, full articles with images. The most powerful news app for United Kingdom news, guaranteed. The app collects the news from the major news sites and covers national and world news, sp

Xmas snow

6 days ago

Winter is coming. Are you ready? Xmas snow will prepare you for the holidays. Desktop snow – snow on your desktop, with xmas snow you'll always know how many days until Christmas or days until new year, you can also add on desktop Christmas tre


◆◆DARTSLIVE2 for your home◆◆ For darts lovers who want to play darts every day! Your Mac will work as DARTSLIVE2. Simply set up this official app and "DARTSLIVE-200S (sold separately)" Then, all levels of players from begi

This application is a tool to enjoy DVB-T2 broadcast on iOS devices. To use this program, you need a device called "tivizen mobi", which receives DVB-T2 broadcast signal and transmits it to your iOS device via Wi-Fi network. With the device connected

PlayPro for TED is one of the easiest ways to watch TED Talks on Mac. It provides you a clean interface to watch TED Talks with a peace of mind. Search from hundreds of topics easily and play your favorite TED Talk right away. KEY FEATURES: -Respon

Chill & Relax — truly diamond for the relaxation and meditation. Enjoy the best of the best relaxation video content on your Mac Carefully filmed scenes of nature like: floating clouds, black peak, endless road will bring in the calm ambience

Chill & Relax — truly diamond for the relaxation and meditation. Enjoy the best of the best relaxation video content on your Mac. Carefully filmed scenes of nature like: under the stars, the universe, milky way will bring in the calm ambience

Real time average colour synchronisation of your selected screen and your Philips Hue light. Custom build algorithm analyses your screen and sends current colour to one of the selected lamps up to 10 times per second! You can connect your TV to your

Canada's headlines and radio stations, automatically display within the app Canada's news, full articles with images. The most powerful news app for Canada news, guaranteed. The app collects the news from the major news sites and covers national and


AKTV - A KTV Karaoke System for Happy and Joy AKTV is a Karaoke Play System on MAC OS. The system including AKTV Database Management Tool, Play and Control System and Player System for your Karaoke/Media Files. Using AKTV, you can create a Karaoke/

Broadcast video to multiple Apple TV and iOS devices on the same network, all at the same time! Videos are played with full picture and sound quality. Playback is automatically synced across all devices. Losing network or Internet connection while p