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YUMMIES is a funny drawing and coloring app for all ages! You can enjoy high quality pictures to color and a blank paper page in which you can draw whatever you like! ••• FEATURES • Funny drawings! • Video replay • Eas

This is a series of over 300 tuitional video lessons on Arts & Crafts for Adults. You will find literally hundreds of things that you can easily make at home. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. **

Teach Yourself Country Line Dancing with this collection of 483 video lessons, guides and demos. Line Dancing is terrific fun and can easily be enjoyed by young and old alike. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set o

Are you having hard time making decisions? "Help me decide between" will help you make those decisions. How does it work? You enter all options you have available. When you press decide then "Help me decide between will pick your answer.

The Vimeo app for Mac brings the incredible online video content from Vimeo to Mac's fast and fluid user experience. Upload and watch your videos on Vimeo, browse our expertly curated featured channels, watch user videos, share video links to other

Do you like word search? This letter puzzle game will surprise you. Edujoy’s word search game is easy to play, ideal for hours of fun entertainment while training your brain. It is suitable for both adults and children, resulting in an educatio

Spy Gadgets is a collection of 89 to follow videos all about spy equipment. Learn how to make spy cameras and secret listening devices. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around i

With Cipher, you can send encrypted messages to your friends along with an encryption key. This way they'll only be able to read the message if they have the app installed and the encryption key handy! One digit out and the message will be unreadable


Iota Reader

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Offers an incredible reading experience for Books, Magazines and Newspapers on your Mac. is the first Georgian shop for eBooks offering hundreds of Georgian books. It also offers some foreign books but primarily is oriented on Georgian

Game Maker Social Playing Game Maker can create, build and publish a game: New! Helicopter Combat Game Template New! Zombi Shooter In Dungeon Template New! Platformer Game Template Now you can create your own Racing Game, 18 different vehicles, si

Have you ever craved the god-like ability to make thousands of stars with a tap of your finger? No? Really? Neither have I... But now you can anyway! Randomly generate your own star cluster with the number of stars you want, and watch them animate

Ballroom Dancing has been taking the World by storm in the wake of Strictly Come Dancing. The level of interest has soared! This app contains 193 easy to follow video lessons and has something for everyone. App features: ** Edit the video title, s

Ever have difficulty coming up with a story idea ? This random story idea generator will help by looking at new combinations and different things that you may not have thought of yet.

Farnsworth is a podcatcher that allows you to subscribe to and play video and audio podcasts. Farnsworth also allows you to setup live streams to watch or listen. There are a bunch of streams to watch such as those at * TV-L

When Sarah inherits her great-uncle's old country home, she has no idea about the dark secret she has stumbled upon and into what obscure world it will take her to. Help Sarah solve the mystery and escape the malicious clutches of the old mansion. Fe

A Fast Scene Search application for Anime Series 'Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka?'. Features: * Drag and drop image file to search scene * Jump to Niconico web site to watch movie related to scene after retrieval automatically or manually.

This app collects more than 4700 pictures of modern paintings that belong to 50 famous artists. Besides all the pictures, there are a puzzle game and a quiz game in the app. Western artists: Claude Monet 493 pics Edouard Manet

Dali Clock is a digital clock. When a digit changes, it "melts" into its new shape. The date is displayed when the mouse is pressed. The window can be made transparent, and foreground and background colors change smoothly.

Knøwthing and Mainvølume presents: 8Ø8™* *Thinking Machine 8Ø8™ is a entertainment purpose quantum superimposed intelligent machine based thinking machine powered by TM™. 8Ø8™ communicate

Mini-Player for YouTube allows you to access YouTube anywhere. Just click the icon in the menu bar or in the dock and get started. Features: - Instant access to YouTube via the menu bar - Seamless design - Starts on startup (optional) - Multiple siz


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tTV is Series and TV Shows Tracker. You can track your favourite Shows , see what airs today and whats coming next, you can access all the relevant Information about each Show you are watching like Cast, Seasons,Status and all the other Stuff like w

This app lets you comfortably read Hacker News ( You can choose articles to view from a sidebar and can optionally read articles and their comments next to each other on a split screen. Feature overview: - Website/Comments spli

ImageGIF is a powerful and simple app which helps you to create awesome GIFs converting images to gif. Just drag and drop image files on the ImageGIF menu bar icon and click Create Gif. Features: - Create GIF from Images - Set frame rate - Save to

Mainvølume™ presents: TM™ - ThinkingMachine™ TM™ turns a computer with input audio enabled into a thinking machine that communicates through melodies. The console window outputs the machines thoughts along with output

TV Romania

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NU MAI CĂUTA, tocmai ai găsit cea mai avansată aplicație de vizionare a posturilor TV din România din Mac App Store. Alte aplicații nici nu se compară atunci când vine vorba de calitate, funcționalit


Desktop Social is the best & most powerful 3 party app for Facebook with the ultimate ability of page customization! Only with Desktop Social can you access both Facebook & Messenger, customize Facebook pages, remove Ads, hide stories, zoom photos,

***Special Promotion 50% off! Meme engine let's you create awesome memes. With a collection of 83 standard meme images, you can create outstanding memes, even with your own images. You have full control, setting the font, size, color... Features *

Tonalfish is a simple player for the music and other audio files stored on your mac. Key features: - Plays your mp3 and m4a audio files. - Scan for and catalog your music collection. - Create and manage playlists. - Correct and update metadata retri

This is the designer/server component for the TouchControl iOS app, bringing the power of TouchControl to Mac users everywhere! TouchControl for iOS is an established, actively developed app that turns any iOS device into a universal network, infrar