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Optics simulation ▶Simulate various light sources:beam, and point source ▶Simulate reflection in plane or arc mirror ▶Simulate refraction in plane or arc interfaces, including both refracted and reflected rays ▶Simulate ideal

Requisitos: Para sacarle el máximo partido es necesario disponer de un accesorio hardware Hey! U que se conecta al USB de tu Mac y se puede adquirir en el siguiente enlace: Hey! edu consigue multiplicar

Con Firequiz podrás prepararte la oposición a bombero como nunca antes lo habías hecho. Podrás generar tests a tu gusto, seleccionando los temas que te interesen o incluso un test general y/o específico de los temas

Welcome an Mac version of Exam Testing Engine, your personal guru in exam preparation process! ETE is the response for on-the-go productivity. Even your busy schedule is not an obstacle now! Being always at hand, you can prepare for your certificatio

Calculate either speed, distance or time by entering the other two measurements. ► EASY TO USE - Click the name of the measurement you want to calculate (Speed, Distance or Time), then enter your values by clicking the empty fields. Your resul

The Business Test Methods app is the official application for the Business Test Methods platform. This app is required if you are taking official Business Admissions Test or any other tests. You do not require this app if you only intend to take th

Synap is an intelligent study tool that helps you learn more in less time. It lets you create, practice and share Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) quizzes, and uses Spaced Repetition, a powerful memory technique. Each day, Synap will suggest the topi

Exam prep for GED language arts reading and writing This app can help you to get the high score of exam of GED language arts reading / writing (GED) Section quickly and easily. This app contain 92 multiple choice questions pool, with one correct

Driving Theory Test 2018 includes all OFFICIAL revision questions from the DVSA - the people who set the actual exam. Couple it with an intuitive interface and it becomes an ideal practice tool for the UK licence test for Cars and Motorcycles! Why D

Bowing Challenge generates random string crossing exercises for violin, viola, cello and double bass to develop sight-reading skills and agility. The teacher or performer has a variety of choices, such as exercise length and difficulty. Exercises may

coWeave est l'outil indispensable à l’école ou même pour documenter toute autre sorte de travail en associant des images avec son enregistré. coWeave Viewer permet d'ouvrir des documents créés avec coWe

LGV Theory Test 2018 includes all OFFICIAL revision questions from the DVSA - the people who set the actual exam. Couple it with an intuitive interface and it becomes an ideal practice tool for the UK LGV/HGV Theory Test! Why LGV Theory Test 2018 is

Enhance your Kids’ knowledge with "ABC teacher for Kids”, an app which is fun filled, entertaining & interactive application for kids motivating them to learn the basics of alphabets from A to Z in both Capital and Small letters.It also h

Welcome to the Universe Playground Planetarium 2 Zen Odyssey is a fun and interactive way to explore, discover and play with the solar system and beyond. Create, destroy, and interact with real time physics on a scale you have never-before imagined!

The Primary Objective of Learning English is “SPEAKING…”. This English Intermediate Lessons software will walk you through speaking excellent English daily. Learn grammar, vocabularies, sentence structures and communication skills

The application helps your kid to learn how to count from 1 to 20. It also helps them to count objets from 1 to 20.For each number, the application displays the number, its representation in words and the number of objects like 10 dogs,2 pandas.There

Bring the animals to life! Animals Alive Vol 1. brings you animals from around the globe and transforms them into fun and challenging puzzles. Assemble the puzzles and bring them to life with a click of the video play button. Also included are some i

This interactive workbook will teach your kids important kindergarten subjects while they have fun! 7 different topics loaded with fun animations, sound effects, graphics, and a variety of interactive elements. Helpful voice narration makes learnin

Enter the world of neutrons! They are a powerful and highly acclaimed tool not only for the study of condensed matter (the world we live in) but also for confirming our current understanding of physics. What's more, you don't even need to be a scient

iThings Remoteは、Apple TVのハイブリット電子黒板のiThings teachers TVをMacでコントロールするたә

SpeakText can speak text in 27 different languages and in multiple voices. You can change the speaker's voice anywhere in the text. You can even adjust the speed at which the text is spoken. Currently supported languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dan

- Tăng cường khả năng nói, nghe tiếng Anh qua các video online (chủ yếu YouTube). - Phân làm nhiều nhóm: Speaking, Listening, News, Animals/Nature ... - Nội du

How good are you at geography? Maybe you know where New York is, or London. Do you know where Baku is? How about Sofia? How about the Taj Mahal? I think most of us could improve our knowledge of geography. WhereInTheWorld is a simple game to help imp

This game is a fun way to discover the world of crystals and their symmetries through diffraction. Crystals are all around us: in our environment (rocks and minerals, etc), in our bodies (sugar, bones, gallstones, etc.) and in technology (metals and

This widget allows you to calculate the total guaranteed mark that a student has, based off their past assignment marks and what each assigned is weighted. Are you crunching numbers to determine if you'll make honors (80%) or even pass a course (50%


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TutorIQ™ connects your child with professional educators for live tutoring sessions providing personalized and accelerated learning your child will enjoy. Through TutorIQ’s cross-platform design, ALL sessions are easy to attend using any