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Use this pedagogical application to teach kids about words and numbers. Add and move the letters of the alphabet and numbers to write and calculate, as if you are using magnetic stickers. Version 1.1 contains: - 29 Letters (A-Å) - 10 Numb

Daily Reading Comprehension Software is a bundle of two Semesters (Semester 1 and 2) and features 274 talking stories with computer-graded tests with an optional hint feature. Each story is linked to a date in history. Text is highlighted as it&rsquo

Solar Coaster

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Solar Coaster visualizes the rise and set of Earth's nearest star, Sol, our Sun, and explores upcoming solar eclipses. Solar Coaster is available in three distinct flavors: an App for iOS and macOS, a Today Extension for iOS and a Screen Saver for ma

The 3DOF Simulator is a simple application for commanding and observing the movement of a simple 3 degree-of-freedom (3DOF) manipulator. The application allows for positioning the manipulator via joint angles (forward kinematics) or a Cartesian point

Weather Chasers is a fun app designed for collecting all sorts of weather data. Weather is collected by taking observations of what's happening around you in the environment. It brings back the physical aspect of collecting weather information while

LoCAD is a software for designing and simulating digital circuits. Special emphasis is given to simple creation and graphical visualization of a circuit's functioning. The inputs and outputs of the elements can be wired quite simply. Usually, two cl

Bliv bedre til matematik og få en dybere forståelse for matematiske begreber, definitioner, formler og beviser. Adgang: Du får gratis adgang til indholdet, hvis du har gymnasie-login. ’Matematikken’ er et opslagsv&aeli

It’s time for Algebra to be fun! Learn Algebra and have fun doing it with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge. People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn new skills. Algebra Bubble bath changes each time you play it with ran

Puzzling Plates provides an interactive, engaging experience that inspires you to explore the large, tectonic plates that make up the surface of Earth. Experience how plates fit together. Explore what happens at plate boundaries. Discover how earthqu

Cette application inclut presque tous vos cours pour apprendre l'HÉBREU . Alternez facilement entre les cours inclus, et explorez chacun avec beaucoup d'éléments fournis gratuitement. Chaque cours peut être commandé

MarkBook® 2017 Mac Edition Class Management Software Runs for 20 months during 2017-2018! MarkBook 2017 is intended for the school year that begins in May 2017 and finishes by Dec 31st, 2018. MarkBook 2017 will continue to work beyond its end

Are you trying to learn vocab effortlessly and remembering it forever? Have you always felt hesitant to try and learn a foreign language because of the amount of time and effort you’d have to invest in understanding vocab? Well, hypnoLANGUAGE

Dynamic Path presents our premier exam prep app for Financial Planner exams, now updated with 150+ new questions. This module contains professionally-written multiple-choice review questions, each with detailed, helpful explanations. Our questions

Study smart with Dynamic Path’s new Managed Care Nursing exam prep app! This module features 400 review questions designed to help you prepare for managed care exams like the CMCN. Our targeted multiple choice questions were written exclusive

Ace your exam with Dynamic Path’s new Respiratory Therapist test prep app! This module features 300 review questions designed to help you prepare for respiratory therapy exams like the RRT. Our targeted multiple choice questions were written

The FLSpacecraft application uses physical laws (classical mechanics) to simulate a spacecraft entering and interacting with the Earth-Moon system. The craft is roughly the size and mass of the Apollo Command and Service modules combined, with the a


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In de simulaties van Virtual Skillslab ervaren leerlingen de beroepspraktijk. Werken met systemen, volgen van procedures & veiligheidsvoorschriften en communicatieve vaardigheden worden op een geïntegreerde manier geoefend. Leerlingen worden vaa

Over 1,000,000 PencilBot Feed Me! iOS apps already downloaded! This school pack consists of 2 great apps in one (2 levels per app), 25 subjects covering 30+ concepts, and 31 animated trophies to motivate kids to learn. One low price for tons of con

Time to exercise your brain and improve your memory. Memory Game - Animals Edition is a fun game for the whole family. From the simple 12 tiles-free play (untimed) to the 28 tiles-1 minute Frenzy, there's something for everyone to test your memory.


IntelleQuest’s Toddler Alphabet Boards are simple puzzles of lower case and upper case letters. They are designed to provide a fun and entertaining early introduction to the letters of the English alphabet and their phonetic sounds. Children

** District Administration Readers' Choice Top 100 Product, 2014, 2015, & 2016 ** Multiple EdTech Digest awards, Collaboration tool, Learning Management System, Parent/Home communication program and more! Assign, Collect, Review, Annotate, and Retu

TemplatePro for Letters comes with a vast library of pre-written sample letters comprising of different categories and subjects. You will easily get your hands on a letter for any given situation. Each category also has multiple templates which make

MagicBox Study app allows you to navigate through the eBooks, highlight important information, and add notes or bookmarks efficiently and effectively. MagicBox Study can be used by teachers and students to access the eBooks anytime, anywhere on iPad,

Dynamic Path presents our updated module for the NASM 4th edition, with 75 all new-questions. Our app features 475 practice questions, are all written exclusively for Dynamic Path by a Certified Personal Trainer. The questions incorporate practical,

EasyCellBio is the ultimate software for everybody interested in cell biology! EasyCellBio offers a new insight into the animal cell biology by providing fully detailed and interactive 3D models and environments built from scientific data. In EasyC

MorseMaster is the first fully interactive morse trainer, which evaluates your reaction time and error rate on a per-character basis, making it easy to identify, isolate and improve performance on problem characters in your morse copy, all while dril

Learning the English alphabet has never been so fun and effortless. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds will love playing with the silly animal characters, sounds, and animations, as they begin to recognize letter shapes, identify uppercase and lowercase m

Over 1,000,000 PencilBot Feed Me! iOS apps already downloaded! This school pack consists of 2 great apps in one (2 levels per app), 25 subjects covering 30+ concepts, and 31 animated trophies to motivate kids to learn. One low price for tons of con

Introducing Moodle Desktop - the solution to accessing your Moodle courses on desktop. With Moodle Desktop you can experience all these popular (and more) functionalities: - View course activities and download materials offline. - Quickly find and