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Finally it exists, a free and easy calculator with can also handle complex numbers. You just have to type what you want to know and the calculator will give you the result. It looks just as easy as possible, but can do many things. - The results is

Calculate a confidence interval on a percentage in a snap. Just enter the percentage, the sample size, and the level of confidence, tap Calculate and you're done!

COLREG Tutor was created by Alistair Baillie, a merchant navy officer as a means of assisting cadets and deck officers studying for their MCA Orals Examinations to learn the practical side of the Collision Regulations. Morse Code The ability to send

Ready to (im)prove your typing and develop your English spelling skills? You're in luck! With 'Typing - English Edition' you can do both at the same time, in a fast paced and fun way. Words flow across the screen from left to right and as you typ

Explore the exciting NEW 3D multiplayer world where playing and learning math with friends are one and the same. Combining everything your 6-11 year old kids love about video games with the mathematics curriculum to help them excel at school. Discov

Teach age-appropriate rigorous, research-based curriculum with ease and consistency. Note: This free version contains only Level 1, Lesson 1 and Level 5, Lesson 1. The rest are available through the in-app store. Meet Sam! She’s the adolescen

Are you learning Hindi? Learn and practice Hindi the fun way with Hindi Pop Quiz Lite! This educational game teaches Hindi and tests your knowledge at the same time. Each game level has 12 letters, words or phrases. There are 12 levels to guide you

XLogo-O-Matic 9000 was originally written by Jeff Skrysak. It's an app that allows you to run LOGO programs on your Mac with a few features for teaching kids (or adults) how to program. It is best used in conjunction with the Wicked Pear Programming

Introducing an innovative approach to learning – in school, at home or on the move! Each Shing Lee ebook includes not only the complete text of the printed book. Many of our online publications give you access to the numerous video clips, ani

SimpleDEMViewerAS browses DEM ( Digital Elevation Model ) data as a relief map using various colors and shading. This program makes bird's eye views, stereographs, panorama views, grayscale maps, Mercator maps and other projection maps. You can st

Get the most out the Music App on your iPhone & iPad with this HD video tutorial from! See how to use the Music App to listen to, organize and even share your music. We go through the playback controls, using the up next feature, creatin

Using this educational app for Mac, you will learn more than 230 different human body parts both visually and with accompanying audio files. This is the most comprehensive Mac app of its type. There is an enjoyable card game to reinforce what you ha

16 elementary school teaching fonts you can view and install in your system. Once installed use these handwriting fonts in your favorite Mac OS X application to create your own Zaner-Bloser worksheets. Excellent tool to teach handwriting to beginners

Instantaneous beam analysis that fits in your pocket! Easily calculate beam deflection and engineering graphs for structural analysis. Quickly double-check your results and develop your intuition of beam deflection theory. This app is an invaluable

Regressi est un programme de traitements de données, en particulier d'ajustement de courbe.

Inspees Learn to Trace Letters Pro is the perfect app to help children learn how to write letters of the alphabets – vowels and consonants, numbers and trace basic shapes, at their pace. It lets kids discover a fun way to learn writing, unders

A collection of Easter themed educational jigsaw puzzle, connect the dots, logic and memory training puzzle games for young children. This app helps to teach young children the alphabet, counting, retain memory and build logic skills while they learn

Self Schooling K12 is the desktop companion app to Self Schooling the Book, available on the iBooks store. To fully understand the app, you really need the book. And to understand that book, you really need this app. The book can describe the new bi

This app is the first typing game for kids and beginners! FEATURES - More than thirty lessons (from basic to sentences) - More than ten popular vehicles, from cars, trains, airplanes and ships - User switching up to 3 people - Vehicles transform MON

A one of a kind physics electromagnetism simulation tool. The tool is able to simulate waves on a transmission line with a custom reflection coefficient. It also features two Lenz's law simulators. One for a stationary loop but with a time-varying fi

This app is the first typing game for kids and beginners! FEATURES - More than thirty lessons (from basic to sentences) - More than ten popular vehicles, from cars, trains, airplanes and ships - User switching up to 3 people - Vehicles transform MON

- Free for a limited time - ELIZA is an early natural language processing program created between 1964 and 1966 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum. Eliza simulated a conversation betwen man and machine, by using a sy

≈≈≈ Speaking Dictionary ≈≈≈ Find any word easily with this online - auto-updating speaking dictionary! * Salient Features to use this app: √ Use Voice Text - copy text from dictionary to Voice Text window a

Resilience is the ability to bounce forward after something bad happens. Resilience means getting help from others to recover, heal, grow, and succeed. Developing your true Super Me! will give you the encouragement and skills to handle tough situa

Use this pedagogical application to teach kids about words and numbers. Add and move the letters of the alphabet and numbers to write and calculate, as if you are using magnetic stickers. Version 1.1 contains: - 29 Letters (A-Å) - 10 Numb

Master of Typing is a TOUCH TYPING tutor that helps you learn to type using all your 10 FINGERS without watching the keyboard. Touch typing ALLOWS you: - to SAVE time when typing texts of various difficulty; - to REDUCE switching of attention; - to

Daily Reading Comprehension Software is a bundle of two Semesters (Semester 1 and 2) and features 274 talking stories with computer-graded tests with an optional hint feature. Each story is linked to a date in history. Text is highlighted as it&rsquo

Solar Coaster visualizes the rise and set of Earth's nearest star, Sol, our Sun, and explores upcoming solar eclipses. Solar Coaster is available in three distinct flavors: an App for iOS and macOS, a Today Extension for iOS and a Screen Saver for ma

The 3DOF Simulator is a simple application for commanding and observing the movement of a simple 3 degree-of-freedom (3DOF) manipulator. The application allows for positioning the manipulator via joint angles (forward kinematics) or a Cartesian point

LoCAD is a software for designing and simulating digital circuits. Special emphasis is given to simple creation and graphical visualization of a circuit's functioning. The inputs and outputs of the elements can be wired quite simply. Usually, two cl