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Chemistry Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 35 Calculators Chemistry Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Ideal Gas Law - Boyle's Law - Charles Law - Gay-Lussac's Law - Combined Gas Law - Crude Protein Estimation - Crude Fi

Basic Dynamics Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 5 Dynamics Calculators Basic Dynamics Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Young Modulus of Isotropic Elastic Solids - Terminal Velocity - Impedance of Forced Oscillation - O

Electrical Engineering Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 18 Engineering Calculators Electrical Engineering Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Cable Length from Sag, Span - Spring Resonant Frequency - Solenoid Coil Electro

Mechanical Engineering Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 12 Engineering Calculators Mechanical Engineering Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Push / Pull Hydraulic Cylinder - Square Tube - Lathe Boring Time - Lathe Drilli

Quantum Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 5 Quantum Calculators Quantum Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Amplitude Resonance Angular frequency - Ramsauer Townsend Effect - Step Potential Probability Current for Zone II -

Thermodynamics Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 49 Calculators Thermodynamics Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Heat Flow - Stefan Boltzmann Law - Radiation Energy - Otto Cycle Compression Ratio (CR) - Carnot Cycle Effi

Japanese For Beginners - Grammar And Writing Practice is a helpful tutor that will be very useful for those who decided to learn Japanese from the very beginning. - WRITING PRACTICE: tracing Hiragana characters; - Both GRAMMAR and LEXICAL topics;

Whether you're managing a classroom of students, your team at work, kids at home or a group of athletes, this app helps you keep individual profiles for each member, with easy to track progress updates and simple to share features. ****Special Promo

Self School Pro is the full-fledged companion to Self Schooling the Book. It builds on the introductory members of the Self Schooling app suite: SelfSchooling for iPad and SelfSchoolK12 for Mac. It is not enough to just read about the new biological

Learn Macedonian quickly, effectively and while having fun with Instant Immersion! Reach your language-learning goals by immersing yourself in vocabulary, everyday phrases and advanced dialogue. Whether you’re a family planning your dream vaca

PROF VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Tongue Twister Trainer has been created for people who want to speak English fluently and efficiently. The best way to check if you're able to pronounce a sentence with similar sounds. The app contains tongue twisters an

Professor Teaches Excel 2016 for Mac is a computer training program designed by experts to teach you the features of Microsoft Excel. Learn everything you need about this robust spreadsheet management software including managing, analyzing, and shari

An updated Attainment software classic teaches hundreds of words in home, school, and community settings. Students select any object in 24 carefully illustrated scenes for speech and text identification. Animation, engaging graphics, and interesting


Looking for the best way to learn Hebrew? Travelling to Israel and want to brush up? Hebrew is a beautiful language with a rich history. What better way to learn Hebrew than with a game? Hebrew Bubble Bath is an easy way to learn Hebrew through th

Newton's Laws - Physics Theory app is devoted to 3 most important physics laws of Isaac Newton. Here all physics-lovers will find exhaustive information about Newton's Laws. Start your physics research right now: 1) Select one of 3 Newton's Laws;


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Woogi Create is an MMO with an open sandbox world where you can play together with your friends and fight against Pirates, create your own vehicles like Skateboards, go-karts and even the top-end AWD pickup-truck in your own factory. Dig up ore outsi

macProVideo Player is a Tutorial-Video Player that lets you Download & Stream HD Tutorials from Main Features: • Access your purchased courses and download them to your Mac for offline playback • Get super quick access to

Korean Learning Game: Korean Bubble Bath Whether you are travelling to Seoul or just want to know what Gangnam Style is about, learning some Korean Vocabulary is a great way to do it. Korean Bubble Bath is a fun game that helps you learn Korean w

Learn the world's hardest language and have fun doing it with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge. You'll be surprised at how quickly you will be able to read Chinese characters. People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn the art of

Learn Arabic and Play an addictive game. Arabic Bubble Bath is a vocabulary game to help you learn Modern Standard Arabic-- which is the official language used by governments, media, and educational establishments. The game supports both Arabic scr

This programs is one of the best solutions for keeping an electronic class register. It's is a helpful teacher's tool for managing classes and personal schedules. In this version you can: 1. Organize the main aspects of your teacher's process easil

This app includes 3 free reading comprehension passages for students reading at Guided Reading Level C, with upper levels available as In-App-Purchases. The activities are designed to help students learn to read carefully and accurately answer text-b

Engineering Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 59 Engineering Calculators Split into 3 Categories: Civil Engineering Includes 29 Calculators: - Cantilever Beam - Pipeline Flow Rate - Cantilever Beam Slope and Deflection With Couple Momen

Test your knowledge of United States Geography! A state on the map will be highlighted in red. You'll be presented with 4 choices. Pick the correct one and earn a point! Select from state names, state capitals, state birds, state flowers, and state

This app is designed to help students master the following Common Core Math Standards: -CCSS 4.NF.C.7: Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size. Record the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, or <. -CCSS.MATH.5.N

Flashcard type drills for children recently introduced to division. Select a number 1 through 12 to be used as the denominator. Random cards will be presented, and you will be given 4 choices. If correct, gain a point. For positive reinforcement,

This app is for research mathematicians in 3-manifold and 4-manifold topology. Have you encountered 3-manifolds and normal surfaces, or heard about the desktop software packages Regina or SnapPy? If so, then you might find this app useful. If not,

Flashcard type drills for addition. Ideal for young children recently introduced to addition. Select a number 1 through 12 to work on, and you will be given other numbers to add to. Random cards will be presented, and you will be given 4 choices. I

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Ready is an open-ended software creator that enables anyone to create games, apps, and software without any previous coding experience. Afraid of coding but want to learn? Then Ready is for you. Built on Unity3D - a professional game engine - Rea

Teach yourself Calligraphy skills and techniques with this amazing collection of Over 275 training video lessons. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do someth