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Generating icons and assets by hand for your applications is a huge hassle that involves several rounds of resizing and renaming image files in order to fit the various resolutions needed. iconGen expedites this process and allows you to take a sour

Make Asset App Icon can create all icons for your app. It will reduce all operations like cropping images, saving you a lot of time. Supports the following formats: iOS app icons macOS app icons IMessage app icons watchOS app icons

This is a simple but super useful iOS development support software Install, run, uninstall app simple and quickly Show app bundle file and data folder Remove useless Simulator And lots of useful features coming soon.......

AssetStudio is a Xcode AppIconSet generator. Please drag and drop image to AssetStudio to generate.

Color Code Copy Ease of use Hex and RGB colors The copy clipboard color codes in various formats (#Hex, Objective-C UIColor, Swift UIColor, Objective-C NSColor, Swift NSColor). Dark and Light mode. Color and showing copy in the magnifier

Linish is develop tool that counts the number of lines of your code. Linish is free.

Epoch does one thing and it does it well. It's a simple menu bar item that will show you the amount of time passed since well known reference dates. You can choose different reference dates and also different time resolutions. Enjoy!

CubicBezier Generator for macOS


15 days ago

XliffEdit let you manage the translation of your multi-lingual apps in a convenient way. Prerequisite is to export XLIFF files from your project with Xcode. XliffEdit is taking this information and presents all terms that can be translated in a tran


15 days ago

Rejex is a ultra-light-weight tool to learn, practice and test Regular Expressions. It offers immediate visual match result for each regex pattern you entered. And you can also customize sample text for more accurate match test.