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The idea of ApiGenerator is building an editor, where you can define RestFull api and generate corresponding code for obj-c language. It’s possible to generate asynchronous calls through NSURLSession with usage of blocks, or synchronous calls u

Quick convertor between decimal and IEEE754 single or double precision float values. Entering a numeric value in the top box will show hex representations for single and double precision in the others. Entering a hex value in the single/double box w

Captor is an HTTP protocol analyzer. It capture and decode HTTP and HTTPS traffic, make it simple for developers to debug. Captor designed for macOS, Touch Bar support for the latest MacBook Pro. and ATS support for iOS. How it works: Captor captu is a quick and easy to use tool to quickly provide access to details about your EC2 and RDS instances in AWS. As Amazon Web Services releases more services, features, and updates, it can become challenging to quickly get into the conso

The cool screenshot generation tool! How to use: 1. Open/Drag and drop screenshot(image size is 750x1334 or 1242x2208) 2. Choose style, color 3. Add description 4. Export Chaney exports various size screenshots. - 640x960(3 inch) - 640x1136(4 inc

Speed up your web workflow with the workbench app. - Organise all your project web links and bookmarks into handy site groups called "Workspaces" - Launch them individually, or all at once with one click - Add new sites straight from Chrome, Firef

Do ASCII characters and plain text make you happy? Do you like to program like it's 1989? Do you like to twist and contort your thinking to help solve bizarre challenges? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Insane BF is most definitel

With Particle Lab you can experiment with all relevant Parameters of the CAEmitterLayer and the CAEmitterCell class. The editor includes the functionality to nest the cells so you can set a particle system to be a particle of a particle system. If

Icons: App Icon Asset Creator takes any image and creates a full set of icons, for iOS, OSX, or Apple watch. These icons are guaranteed to be produced in the latest Asset Catalog format allowing you to drag just a single file into Xcode and have all

AppShots is an easy and fast way to take your screenshots and create all the scaled sized for submitting your app. Just drag and drop your images, choose a folder, and create your images.

JSONExport is a desktop application for Mac OS X written in Swift. Using JSONExport you will be able to: Get JSON from remote api, choosing request method and adding body and header Convert any valid JSON object to a class of one of the currently su

ARC Aspect Ratio Calculator Free, simple, basic, quick, useful.

Color D-Coder is a very simple color picker application. You can copy and paste hexadecimal color codes, choose and adjust your color with the sliders, and view the decimal values of the red, green, blue parameters.

Handy tool for manage your OpenSSH ssh client configuration file. You can add or edit identity files, port forwardings (with graphical preview) and any other ssh config option. Features: • Add/change identity files by choosing them in file dia

TiSmithy is an interface builder for Titanium Appcelerator. Speed up your workflow and spend less time coding with this UI designer. Go from layout to code quickly and easily. The way it works is very simple: 1) Design your layout 2) Hit "Generat

Qapular Code Composer is the environment for embedded platforms. That is easy-to-use Mac OS IDE, code editor for AVR board you have. Qapular is easy way to write code, debug and upload it to the board or your own micro controller. At first version av

Save countless hours of searching for correct icon sizes and generating numerous versions of your icons. With Iconomy you simply drag your high resolution icon into the App, select your output device and everything else is taken care of automatically

Alchemy was written to make your life easier as an app developer, resizing your original app icons and retina images into the appropriate sizes just ready to drag into Xcode. To resize an app icon you simply drag the 1024x1024 image into Alchemy, se

One of the most crucial pre-sale components of your app is its icon. This intricate graphic is often the very first impression that your future user will get of your app. Let Iconical streamline the process of creating icons for your app. Taking awa



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With Sooey, translations for your Mac OS X and iOS apps just got super easy, fast and cheap! In a global world, you sell your apps to global markets. People expect to use your apps in their very language. Don't miss out on sales, just because your a


Vernissage mockup generator, wraps app screenshots in device mockups. • share your app designs with clients or colleagues via Email or iMessage • create screens for online application stores • create screen matrices for technical spe

* Store, Manage, Organize Programming Code * CodeBlue 2 is a successor to an existing desktop application (CodeBlue) that lets you store, manage, organize programming code comprehensively. You can create dozens or even hundreds of code categories, w

With Releases Pro quickly get information on your project versions. Save time by getting all the versions of your web projects in one app. You just need to enter the name, the URL and the file containing the release version of your project. Click o

ReX-T allows you to easily develop complex Regular Expression patterns and test them. When your pattern is ready, the handy sample code generator will produce ready-to-use Swift or Objective-C source code that you can use directly in your applicatio

Burn Down is a simple menu bar app that lets you quickly check up on your JIRA sprint progress. With the click of one button you can get a high level overview of where you are at in the current sprint, how much time is left, how you are progressing w

‘The Launcher' is a marketplace for free & premium Source-Code That Cuts Your Development You can kickstart your project rapidly and find Open-source projects that solve real-world problems, manually curated and professionally supported. Comp

If you are looking for a HTML5 website template so you can build your own website then you have come to the right place. Below we have reviewed the best website builders which all provide 53's of HTML5 website templates. Each template is readymade an

MySQL / MariaDB Optimizer is an effective app that gives you recommendations to optimize MySQL / MariaDB databases. The app provides a graphical interface simplify the process of viewing performance metrics, apply changes based on our recommendations

Just Browse your file and then generate or validate your file. Full range of Checksums provided including MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA256. It's that simple! Enjoy!


Localization Updater was developed to automatically update all your strings files after you changed your storyboard or xib file. Imagine you add a new element in your storyboard. To localize it, you would normally have to get the Object ID of the la