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Learning Angular FrameWork from Beginner to Advanced Expert Get started to learn angularjs with real world practical examples and become web development industry expert AngularJS is a complete javascript framework for creating dynamic and interacti

Ultimate Video Training Guide on Learning C++ From Sratch to Professional Programmer. Create anything from Videos Game to Professional Programs If you're ready to buckle down and learn C++ Programming here's where you should start. C++ is general

generates Objective-C source code from the classes and enums that you define in the editor. The source code has methods for converting/parsing to/from JSON. *** Demo version and Tutorial available at *** The generated code fo

APNS Push sends notification over newly introduced HTTP/2 connection Seamlessly send notifications to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Safari Features: - Directly send notifications using Certificates in KeyChain - Also supports newly introduced Unified

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Designing application icons or customizing icons on your Mac can be a tedious and time consuming task, especially application icons as you need to also create the related "Document" icons, "Disk Image" icon and possibly even a Folder icon. Not forget

API/HTTP 接口测试工具 GET和POST请求的测试 之后会继续完善 请期待更多功能

This is the Ultimate Video Training Course on Learning C# Sharp Programming from Beginner to Expert Professional Programmer This course has everything you need to build a foundation in C# and Object Oriented Programming. These videos are designed to

If you are looking for a CSS3 website template so you can build your own website then you have come to the right place. Below we have reviewed the best website builders which all provide 53's of CSS3 website templates. Each template is readymade and

Smart PList Editor is an easy to use, lightweight and fast editor for property lists. Instead of manually editing plists in a text editor, or waiting for Xcode to boot up, simply use this editor instead. Allows the user to create, open and save prop

Implementing Push Notification on the client, but the back end is not ready to test ? Push Robot to the rescue. Send push notifications to your Apps using FCM. You just need your API Key and your app's topic, that's all!

** Launch discount: 25% OFF ** You have finally found the only XML editor for Mac that will fill all your XML editing needs! XML editing can be painstaking work, but XML Edita is here to simplify all of that saving you time and energy while greatly r

方便开发人员快速按照自己的要求输出model class文件。给属性指定输出的clasa nameʌ

App Icon & Splash Kit is used for batch creating app icons, launch images and Xcode image assets. There are lots of built-in size-templates such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, iMessage, Android etc., and you can also customize your own templates. Features:

Master programming on Windows or Mac OS X. Simply the fastest way to learn to program on a Mac or Windows - either with the industry-standard Delphi system or with the free Lazarus and Free Pascal you can learn cross-platform programming the easy way

The Assets Tool Application is designed to help xcode developers create iOS and Mac apps fast, generating assets folders, resizing images to all needed sizes, creating app icons, and adding empty space content when the designer is sending @3x image

Image Set Generator is a tool for Apple & Android developers to generate an app icon set from a squared image. Recommended image is at least 1024x1024 @72dpi in PNG format (JPEG format can be used if you don’t care about transparency). Why yo

Visual Sitemap Builder is a tool that let's you create Visual, HTML & XML Sitemaps for your site. Features: - Easily create a Visual Sitemap for your site. - Easily export an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search

Brings more speed, more flexibility, and fewer errors in your HTML workflow. Weavy is designed for you to be able to start coding immediately after downloading. The predefined templates are provided to create your own website easily. Weavy has an ab

- Keep your code in one central place to read, annotation, and share. - Support creating code blackboards from files, clipboards, Xcode, or command-line. - Take your code anywhere on your iOS devices. - Read it anytime you want. - Annotate anyway you

This is a HUE-style color picker. ・You can set a dominant color and then design a color scheme using complementary and other colors. ・Both RGB and CMYK color spaces are available for use. ・The color meter can capture colors from

Assets Tool for Android developers helps you to handle all the hard work of resizing, adding paddings, scale and create app icons. Key features: - Add padding to your images, having all in the same size. The quality of the image will not be affect

A set of CSS generators and tools. Front-End Box LITE includes: CSS TRIANGLES GENERATOR: handy tool for CSS Triangles code generation. You can set any direction, one of the three triangle types (equilateral, isosceles, scalene), size and the color.

Dieses Programm erstellt aus einer Ausgangs-Bitmap idealerweise mit 1024x1024 Pixeln) Icons in allen für Xcode erforderlichen App-Icon-Größen je nach Programmtyp: iOS-App, macOS-App oder tvOS-App. Die resultierenden Icons können

A simple regular expression (RegEx) testing app. Displays group index for easier coding experience when working with RegEx groups.

A set of CSS generators and tools. Front-End Box PRO includes: WEB FONTS CONVERTER: the Web Fonts Converter tool converts the fonts and produces the set of compiled fonts and CSS file with proper styles. Supported formats are: - ttf to woff - tt

ColorBox is a simple application for editing and selecting colors. Features: • Choose any of the standard 140 HTML colors from the built-in color library (its also a fun way to learn color names!) • Import any RGB hex or triple color cod

Simple app for iOS developers that extracts basic information (version and build, provisioning profile expire date, provisioned devices list) from the *.ipa files. You just need to drag your app file and drop it on the IpaInfo icon at the dock.

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pbxprojHelper lets you create and modify Xcode projects. Quickstart Choose your Xcode project file by clicking Select button. Both .xcodeproj and .pbxproj file extensions are supported. The path of project file you selected will be displayed on the