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Opentask is a global collaborative service that enable business collaborations even when using different languages. Built-in project boards and work messenger for collaboration are basically provided. [Service Features] Global Language Services -

TOWS Analysis or TOWS Matrix is used to Develop New Business Plan Expand or restructure Existing Business Portifolio Management Strengths: characteristics of the business, or project team that give it an advantage over others Weaknesses (or Lim

Som ledare i en organisation är det svårt att ha full kontroll över verksamheten och samtidigt bedriva ett effektivt förbättringsarbete. MEVISIO löser detta genom visualisering, så att du och ditt team ska kunna p

MailSender is lightweight (smaller version) of Mail Merge application. It is simple and dynamic solution for sending bulk mails to valuable customers after merging data from external sources like- xlsx, xls, CSV, docx, rtf, txt. you just need to draf

UpdatePromise powers more than 20,000 businesses today and is now available for Mac OS. Consumers expect to be communicated with via SMS Text Messaging, UpdatePromise helps you meet that expectation through TCPA Compliant Business Texting solutions

The fastest and most flexible Timetracking App for your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Now compatible with macOS High Sierra. No monthly fee, only local Data storage, no forced cloud account! Features: - Fastest One-Tap Timetracking via the Stop


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Sonikpass’ Verified Presence™ technology provides passwordless multi-factor authentication and physical presence verification. Our patent-pending technology protects the ‘air gap’ around you, your data and your devices. Sonikp

Scan er til dig der bruger DeloitteDirect, og vil sende bilag digital og sikkert fra din Mac. Kontakt Deloitte hvis du vil vide mere om DeloitteDirect.

Cloud business management system accelerating productivity and growth.

This Mac app along with our iOS kiosk app allows you to manage and check in your attendees with ease, printing their badges as you check them in. This lets you stop wasting badge stock and keep your queues moving.


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Samewave is a free productivity app that helps teams get things done. Featuring real-time chat, files, tasks, targets and scoreboards, all in one place - so you can kill email, kill meetings, and smash your goals with ease. Samewave syncs remotely wh

Convert PDF to a text file. The text file is easy to search, edit & share.The application supports password protected PDF files as well. The application converts any PDF to a text file. While converting, the application retains the layout of the ori

* One tap connect, Intelligent route. - Fast access websites and apps eVPN makes your business and game more easy and fun. - 1 day of trial period for first launch. - Anonymous secure surfing eVPN lets you surf the web anonymously with no concern a

As you already know that you could only copy one text at a time. When you copy a new text, the previous copied text is lost. Many times we also miss the data that we had used a few days back like a link to website, the copied email text, a formulae o


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Un widget listant vos différentes taches saisies dans Time Performance

CDBF is a powerful DBF Viewer and Editor. It allows you to review files created in FoxPro, Clipper, XBase and so on. CDBF supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, SMT formats. CDBF supports different encodings. CDBF allows you to open m

e-Vino is a commodity exchange specialised in bulk wine and grape most concentrate trading. Designed for professionals, bulk wine importer and exporter from all over the world. A place where the supply and the demand meet. e-Vino is a full-featured f

MobileIron Tunnel for macOS secures application connectivity over SSL to business applications and corporate data. Using Tunnel, together with MobileIron’s EMM and Sentry, your macOS applications can access protected corporate data and content

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This app creates digital Company Seals. The user can stamp the company seal on any pdf and save the document. Original pdf documents are not changed. The following Seal sizes are available:- 1 5/8 inches 1 3/4 inches 2 inches Other seal images can

Desenvolvido especialmente para o Safari, a extensão para assinatura digital da BRy Tecnologia permite realizar assinaturas digitais em todos os sistemas que utilizam as soluções BRy Tecnologia.

== Support Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac === Flyingbee PDF to Excel OCR Converter is designed to help users to convert scanned image PDF to Excel via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and recovers all the numbers, text, and layout in the PDF table

Hardware GPU for decoding your live videos, much lower battery usage and less heating on your mobile device. Video processing based on HTML5 Video streaming technology, no decompression from server end before transition to Macula mobile. This means


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Human Feedback is an online and on demand research platform. We aim to simplify the way for people to give quality feedback to companies and get paid for it and we aim to accelerate and reduce cost for companies to make better decisions with feedback

Extract pages of choice from a PDF and save as separate PDF file.Pages could be selected by page range or explicit page numbers separated by comma.The application supports batch processing as well. This means that the application could extract pages