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Ultimate Backup

11 days ago

Ultimate Backup is an all in one Backup Solution.The application could backup and maintain all photos, videos, documents, movies, music, music library, playlists and desktop files of the computer to a Network Drive, External Hard Disk and cloud like

Activebot for Slack

11 days ago

Activebot for Slack prevents Slack from going idle due to inactivity. NOTES: This application requires Slack authentication using one of the following methods: 1) "Activebot for Slack" app installed for your team 2) Legacy token Please verify you h

Easy to use workgroup file collaboration for public and private clouds. Use the Panzura public cloud or connect to your own private cloud file server.

Winmail.dat is an e-mail file from Microsoft for Microsoft Outlook, which can only be opened with Microsoft Outlook. You can now read these files with the Winmail DAT Viewer & Extractor. Key Features: • Easy to use: double click to open •


9 days ago

오픈태스크는 서로 다른 언어를 사용해도 업무 협업이 가능한 글로벌 협업

TOWS Analysis or TOWS Matrix is used to Develop New Business Plan Expand or restructure Existing Business Portifolio Management Strengths: characteristics of the business, or project team that give it an advantage over others Weaknesses (or Lim


10 days ago

Som ledare i en organisation är det svårt att ha full kontroll över verksamheten och samtidigt bedriva ett effektivt förbättringsarbete. MEVISIO löser detta genom visualisering, så att du och ditt team ska kunna p

The fastest and most flexible Timetracking App for your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Now compatible with macOS High Sierra. No monthly fee, only local Data storage, no forced cloud account! Features: - Fastest One-Tap Timetracking via the Stop


Intly Portal

13 days ago

Cloud business management system accelerating productivity and growth.