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Brama Operation finally allows you to manage your contacts and styles lists from your Mac. This software is specifically designed for the fashion world, styles colours and sizes, for sample and production items. You can use it to create packing list,

Aplikace WD FileAgent slouží k automatickému stahování souborů z archivu tachografů vozidel a archivu karet řidičů uložených na serveru Webdispečink do uživatelem definov

New Edge

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REQUIREMENTS: New Edge for macOS is used with an active enterprise subscription to the New Edge Service. Please contact your organization’s IT department and ask them if they are using New Edge to secure enterprise applications and data. DESC

ZFactura es un programa de facturación muy fácil pensado para autónomos y pequeñas empresas que le permite elegir entre gran variedad de plantillas de facturas, presupuestos, … Le permite gestionar sus archivos de

ITSupportPanel a gateway into your IT providers ticketing & support systems making your life easier & your IT Support experience quicker! Be it logging new tickets or accessing old/active ticket history, finding your providers contact details quickly

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- PDF2Office Professional 2017 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for converting PDF & Windows XPS files to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OmniGraffle, RTF and plai

Met 'my organizer' heeft u altijd en overal controle over uw afspraken en dagindeling. Via de app kan u heel snel en eenvoudig afspraken opvragen, opzoekingen doen, contacten opbellen, een email opstellen, statistieken opvragen, uw secretariaat conta

You'll never need another signature creator. Create your professional design - psychology tested to be very appealing in a business setting. No need to scrounge through multiple signature options - just key in your information and instantly see a

Features Of The App • Add a PDF Document to an existing PDF Document(Merging). • Re Arrange pages of a PDF Document • Drag and drop one or more pages from one PDF Document to an another PDF Document. • Copy/Cut one or more p

Event Admin

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Event Admin is an intuitive Mac Application that will be the backbone for planning and organizing your events and functions. Event Admin will allow you to track and organize all the details of your event in an organized way. Everything that could c

Well, this is it…. With My Bank you can make plans and then check whether you have spent. Revolutionize your personal finances management and finally put money aside. When other applications only offer you to enter and track your expenses an


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由Baacloud官方團隊推出與Baacloud帳戶互通的快捷一鍵連接用戶端 針對國際網絡的&

Drag in a PDF Document,Compress it and Save it. Choose or drag in another PDF Document to compress and save it. Entire PDF Document or selected pages of the PDF Document Can be compressed. Compression to selected scale is possible. Compression scale

Welcome to the Fitness Industry Sales KPI Reporter and Analyser. Combine the OS app with the one available on your iPhone and submit and monitor all of your sales data from your desk or on the go!

PT Business Pal

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Personal Trainers and Coaches - grow and improve your business with help and guidance from our branding analysis App - PT Business Pal! Creating a niche within the Fitness Industry is Crucial! And whether you are just getting started, or been going

SSL VPN客户端是一款安全、高效、简单易用的SSL VPN接入软件,可以随时随地的#

Tipi is a communication tool built for thoughtful and focused team communication. We believe that keeping up with chats and emails doesn't really help to get more work done. Uninterrupted time and deep focus does. That's why we built Tipi. Tipi is d

Your PDF Files are huge? You're trying to optimize the storage of your device but don't know how decrease the size of the PDF Files without lose the quality of content and images of them? With Compress PDF Size - Reduce PDF Files your problem is over

These days ‘Time is Money’. Timetool by Grexie has an elegant, clean design which enables you to track the time you spend on a task. You can view and update the recorded times whichever mobile or desktop device your work takes you to &nda

Easy to use workgroup file collaboration for public and private clouds. Use the Panzura public cloud or connect to your own private cloud file server.

Voice Recorder provides you high quality audio recording in multiple audio formats . Attractive user interface and simply designed layouts gives an easy approach to major functionalities. Quick Audio Recorder applies to all person who want to record

FULLY LICENSED VERSION OF MSG VIEWER FOR OUTLOOK including complete conversion of MSG files, batch processing, and all features. ** This version is identical to the free version with the in-app license purchase, and allows for the convenience of a o

Winmail.dat is an e-mail file from Microsoft for Microsoft Outlook, which can only be opened with Microsoft Outlook. You can now read these files with the Winmail DAT Viewer & Extractor. Key Features: • Easy to use: double click to open •