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Cubetto is the Swiss army knife for business process modeling and the illustration of organizational structures. The app combines leading modeling standards in one tool: BPMN, value stream maps known from Lean Management, Event-driven Process Chains

With ProjectTimeKeeper you always have control of your Projects and Timecards, all in one place. No adds or monthly payment. Add your contacts, Projects and then you select the contact for the projects, you can add a timecard manuel, or start the

Make calculating fun and colorful! Try the convenience of having a configurable calculator with various themes and available as an application, widget and directly on safari. Your new calculator available anywhere you want! Designed to be fast, hi

LeaderTask is a user-friendly service for time management. Create your lists of tasks for every day, arrange them by projects, divide tasks into subtasks, set reminders for important tasks, attach documents to tasks, assign them to your friends/coll

Note to Users: These are PowerPoint Templates. You need PowerPoint to open the Templates. Check out the Video: This App is not a presentation software editor. It's 99 High-Quality PowerPoint Templates. ---- How to Use --- 1.


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An easy program to use Simple and intuitive. suitable for all both small and large companies With invoice can: ● you can create invoices ● have your customers on a personal database ● create custom invoices depending on the import

Auto sync files and folders for MofficeSoft's clients.

This application allows you to manage short links on your domain and share screenshots Now you can make screenshots from our application – press Cmd + Shift + 0 from any application to make and share ad-free screenshot on your own domain

CPTI means Clients * Projects * Tasks * Invoices Manage customers, projects and services, and create professional-looking invoices. Ideal for freelancers and small businesses selling services. All data is stored in a local database. So - pay only o

The new app that allows you to have all your cards with you at all times. Put all your cards in a safe place! Make your wallet lighter by creating a digital one for you and whoever you want!

Vidrio makes your presentations awesome. Only a holographic screen hangs between you and your audience. The poorest of presenters becomes a Tony Stark. Available for free, for a limited time only! Vidrio projects your webcam over your desktop. Start

Doclight is a utility which will dramatically increase your productivity at work. The time you are wasting to reach the information in your documents will be minimum with it. It will make you able to find what you are looking for within thousands of

The following functions are available in this application. - Transmission and reception of video - Transmission and reception of audio -Multi-User Mode Can hold a seminar style conference with 1000 participants in maximum. A participant can request a

Fluence is the quickest way to search your Confluence wiki. Setup a keyboard shortcut and at the press of your shortcut, search like a pro - it's fast, efficient and super native. By default, Fluence will show the most recently updated pages on your

A simple app. All that it will do is reverse the order of all of the pages in a pdf document. You open pdf Reverse, use the button to find the file that you want to reverse and then use the other button to reverse the pdf. You can set the file nam

MetalPrices is a very simple program which shows you gold and silver prices in the professional bullion market. It also includes a notification widget which shows the spot price of gold and silver.

Cisdem PDF Creator is an efficient and lightweight PDF Creating software to create PDF from ePub, Docx, PPTX, Rtf, Rtfd, CHM, TXT, Html, JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TiFF, and other image files. It works well on converting Microsoft Word, PPTX, TXT, RTF

Cognitas CrossLink for OSX is the CrossLink client for OSX devices. CrossLink provides both Access Control and Data Protection within Cognitas' Trusted Collaboration and Mobility (TCM) platform, a suite of products that enables authorized users to se

Don’t miss our new App in the Mac App Store! Discover the fastest and most efficient way to extract email addresses to create your own mailing list. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 emails, you can extract email addresses and contact names fro

With Livedesk Studio you can broadcast on any video streaming service from your Mac! Use it with any platform like Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Livestream, UStream, on premise services, you name it! You can live-stream your webcam or your desktop act

AlphaDrive for Clio gives you instant access to all of your Clio documents without a download and without having to sync. Open and edit files straight from AlphaDrive and never have to upload files back to Clio again.

Enterprise Enterprise är ofta den bästa lösningen för dig som har en lite mer omfattande verksamhet. Oavsett om du arbetar med varor eller tjänster hittar du användbara funktioner för din verksamhet. Förutom d

Cloud Drive for Mac lets you keep your local files in sync with your Cloud Drive online. Benefits of Cloud Drive for Mac - Never fear losing your hard work, your important files are always safe in our data centers. - Work where ever you go, on the w

The Mark Bric app lets you design bespoke custom modular exhibits from your Mac using official ISOframe components. Build exhibitions and produce stunning renders in no time. Key Features • Works offline • Fun and simple • Renders bea

The TigerLite app lets you design bespoke custom modular exhibits from your Mac using official TigerLite components. Build exhibitions and produce stunning renders in no time. Key Features • Works offline • Fun and simple • Renders be

The ISOframe app lets you design bespoke custom modular exhibits from your Mac, using official ISOframe components. Build exhibitions and produce stunning renders in no time. Key Features • Works offline • Fun and simple • Renders bea

Mantenha seus arquivos no GED (Gerenciamento Eletrônico de Documentos), tenha acesso em qualquer lugar, com conexão a internet. Armazene seus arquivos e documentos de forma rápida e segura. Gerencie sua conta através da web


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A brand new way to manage digital content for Apple TV using a powerful suite composed of familiar tools. Imagine a situation where you would like to display content (e.g. important news, showcases, videos, etc...) on a collection of Apple TV device

The 3B app empowers accredited businesses to request customer reviews at the point of service. From the 3B app, customers receive a text and submit their review directly to the participating Better Business Bureaus for verification. Getting online BB