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Note to Users: These are PowerPoint Templates. You need PowerPoint to open the Templates. Check out the Video: This App is not a presentation software editor. It's 99 High-Quality PowerPoint Templates. ---- How to Use --- 1.


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An easy program to use Simple and intuitive. suitable for all both small and large companies With invoice can: ● you can create invoices ● have your customers on a personal database ● create custom invoices depending on the import

Moffice AutoSync

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Auto sync files and folders for MofficeSoft's clients.

Quick Spreadsheet is a Microsoft Excel application which can read, create and edit Microsoft Excel documents (.xls, .xlsx). Quick Spreadsheet provides the most commonly used features in Microsoft Excel, and can display perfectly 99% Microsoft Excel

CPTI means Clients * Projects * Tasks * Invoices Manage customers, projects and services, and create professional-looking invoices. Ideal for freelancers and small businesses selling services. All data is stored in a local database. So - pay only o

The new app that allows you to have all your cards with you at all times. Put all your cards in a safe place! Make your wallet lighter by creating a digital one for you and whoever you want!


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PDFSpeech will help you read more. It taps into text-to-speech (TTS) technology built into macOS to help you zip through PDFs. With great tools at hand, you’ll look forward to reading a book cover to cover, and even read an entire chapter in on


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Vidrio makes your presentations awesome. Only a holographic screen hangs between you and your audience. The poorest of presenters becomes a Tony Stark. Available for free, for a limited time only! Vidrio projects your webcam over your desktop. Start

Fluence is the quickest way to search your Confluence wiki. Setup a keyboard shortcut and at the press of your shortcut, search like a pro - it's fast, efficient and super native. By default, Fluence will also show the latest 5 pieces of content add