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The CudaLaunch application provides secure remote access to your organisation's applications and data from your Mac. The application does this by securely connecting to a Barracuda Next Gen Firewall hosted by your organisation. An integrated demo env

-- 50% off For a Limited Time! -- 110 high-quality business card designs for maximum impact. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make your first impression count, with this incredible collection of premium business card tem

MeetingTime is a simple Application for Mac that helps you in arranging meetings across different time zones. It lets you add up to four different locations and place them parallely to see at what time the meeting is going to take place in other regi

All your content, searchable from one place. WhereDat lets you access your content faster. Connect the apps you use and search them all simultaneously. • Search inside Slack • Search inside Confluence • Search inside JIRA • Sear

It is important to find the right business card design that suits your nature of business. Colors, images and design placements are all important factors that you need to take careful considerations. Design placements of your important personal and

Exclusively for MofficeSuite users—take communication to the next level with Moffice Talk messenger. Moffice Talk allows users to chat with other employees over a secure, closed communication system on desktop and mobile all at the same time.

This course provides a detailed look at how to use Microsoft Project 2016 software to build, resource, cost out, monitor, and report on project plans for any size or type of project. You'll begin with the basic building blocks of creating project fil

In this Learning Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac training course, These Videos will teach you the basics of word document creation. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Microsoft Word is required. You w

Easily Test Your Ads And Apps From Different Geo Locations LocationWizard allows you to view and validate geo-targeted ads, apps and content. It solves your biggest marketing challenges when it comes to test and monitor geo-targeted content. If you

Data is everywhere you're not. You can control the data beast and have access to the data that matters most to you. Instantly load your data that is important to you right from your mobile device. This could be your weekly new customer count, daily

Do you hate time tracking? Then Tracktiq is for you. It is an extremely simple and intuitive app that integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow. Know how long you work on your projects and most importantly: NEVER MISS ANY BILLABLE HOURS AGAIN!

How to use: 1.Choose a resume which you like. 2.Click the "Export" button, if you have not download this resume,this app will download it and you can export to the disk.And if you have download it before, you can export directly. Invoices Template f


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ShipBox is the program that picks the perfect box to ship your merchandise. We designed ShipBox to ease the burden of figuring out the best box to use when shipping certain items that could have multiple box choices. Instead of having to do the math

Create a new presentation and edit with others at the same time. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. *Use Slides to edit PowerPoint files.

С помощью онлайн-консультанта YamiChat вы сможеm

Doclight Box is a document box application which you can search all documents inside instantly. It will dramatically increase your productivity at work. The time you are wasting to reach the information in your documents will be minimum with it. It s


Maybe you’re a building contractor, design freelancer, or business consultant. You don’t need anything fancy, just something that’s fast and it works. Maybe you run a small business and don't want to waste your time over-analyzing

Maybe you’re a building contractor, design freelancer, or business consultant. You don’t need anything fancy, just something that’s fast and it works. Maybe you run a small business and don't want to waste your time over-analyzing

TrustView 企業版閱讀器。提供受 TrustView 保護的 Office、PDF 以及圖片文件閱讀。 備註:請

Templates for PPT is a multipurpose presentation template is suitable for accounting, management, corporate business report and personal use. We focused on the real use, each slide is proven useful in real-world presentations. Each template is a hig


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*WHAT IS IT?* OneBoard is an all-in-one desktop application for project management professionals. Use Oneboard app for connectionless and collaborative project management. Work offline, synchronize on time with all members of the project. It is a f

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on word documents from your Mac. With Google Documents you can: - Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device - Share documents and work together with others in the s

iziBill is the simplest billing application on Mac ! Whether you are an entrepreneur, have a medium or big business, iziBill will make it easy for you to make an invoice in record time! - Customize your invoice - Save your items and services - Save

Note:This app need you install Pages first and all those template are made for Pages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to use: 1.Choose a resume which you like. 2.Click the "

A good business plan can help to make a good business credible, understandable, and attractive to someone who is unfamiliar with the business. Writing a good business plan can’t guarantee success, but it can go a long way toward reducing the od

sharc ***This is the login app for operators*** State of the Art Hospitality Management Reservation App The newly designed app specifically for the hospitality management industry and its booking and reservation needs. Sharc is an asset for the b

The Filemail App allows you to send large files up to 200 GB to any email address. You can also share files to a private URL. Tranfers are accelerated using the Filemail CORE protocol - making it the fastest and most robust way to send large files on

If you want to quickly count the balance of the cash box for your small business this is for you. No more scrap pieces of paper, no more incorrect balances. Count your coins and notes and the rest is done for you. Designed for your your Mac and stru

Learn how to set up and navigate email, calendar, and contacts in Outlook for Mac 2016. The course begins with a tour of the interface and shows how to connect to Office, Exchange, IMAP, and POP email accounts. We show how to quickly create, send, an