Applications by zhuxian-zhu

Apartment Management 1 room category management building management 2 Registration Customer Information Name Age Address Phone ID number 3 Check-in Check-out time is recorded record amounts allocated room 4 out registration 5 records per user per mon

Recording Play recordings Remove audio file Modify the recording file name Pagination recordings Search audio files by name You can modify the recorded file name Without limiting the recording length Stand-alone version

Applicable to a variety of retail purchase sales management, and support of all retail goods. And shoes cosmetics, building materials and hardware IT digital electronic food medicine and medical equipment, and other powerful, easy to operate. Suppor

Sqlite Manager Tool 1.can create table 2.add column delete column insert sql add data to table data from table to a datagrid 5.can auto make Object-c DAL and Model files .fast develop a project the 'add' button on bot

Customer Management Record customer's Type, user name, phone,Fax, address, e-mail,Mobile phone, QQ MSN Skyper,Job title, company name, business, website, notes Payments and arrears

Image Editing Zoom and rotate images Cut image Image effect adjustment Exposure brightness contrast hue Modify the width and height of the image compressed image

Daily Income and expenses manage The statistics for each person's monthly income and expenditure and balances