Applications by zhangchao

This is a easy app to record screen. 1.Launch app the setting window will show. 2.Set the attributes of you want. •You can select record area. •You can set recorded video resolution and frame rate. ∆You must selected save path. •

Can easy trim you audio.It support "aiff","aif","wav", "mp3","m4a" format. 1.Drag you audio to gray area or click upper left button or click menu "open" item to import audio to the App. 2.You will find audio waveform and trim area.Now you can resize

You can drag video to display view,or click plug toolbar,import video to program.It is easy to trim you video.It support mov,mp4,mpg,mpeg,avi,formate.

Use this app is very easy make and modify gif picture. You can drag image to the left browser view or click add image button on toolbar.Click play button preview the effected gif. Use this app you can set exist gif attribute and filter.You can delete

Round PicFrame app can help you to create round frame.It is easy to use,you can drag or click add button to add image to round frame.You can use the template in app's.And you can delete all frame to create custom round frame.

Add filters to you image.It Provided 25 filters. Use it is very easy.Import image from toolbar button or drag image to image display rect.Choose filter you can review the result image in app.Click export button on toolbar you can export result image

MWatermark is a easy text watermark app.You can add new text watermark and photo create date watermark to your photo easily. You can set text color,alpha value,shadow attribute and stroke. You can move and rotate watermark if you want.

This app can product icon by easy way.You drag an image to app and click save button,the new icon will be produced.You'd better provide a 1024x1024 pix picture.The image what you provide must be square.

Create picture collages on you Mac. 1.Selected you favorite template. 2.Drag picture to frame. If you selected empty template you must add frame when you add picture. 3.Click frame can edit frame.Double click frame or picture can edit picture. 4.You

It is easy way to make picture frame or collage.You can choose the template you loved,add you loved image to the frame.Easy change background color or image.Easy change aspect ratio,add frame to you selected point.Easy export result image.

Make GIF picture from video.Can set start time and end time.Can set fps max 10 seconds,frame count 100.Can set filter for CIF picture