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Most of you asked us for more animals. So here we go: from now on, you can buy packages of 12 items directly inside the app. The first 12 animals remain of course free. There´s 1 more set of animals and 2 sets of vehicles available. And as an i

ATTENTION: DOES NOT SUPPORT macOS SIERRA. Quick Shortcuts lets you discover and use one of the hidden productivity boosters of your Mac: The keyboard shortcuts. Simple key combinations replace countless mouse clicks, letting you perform frequent ta

With "KIDS LEARN ANIMAL WORDS" just playfully WRITE and READ. Your child will learn the correct pronunciation and phonetics with the app, just like in school! In this children's app, playful learning of letters, sounds and words comes first. By the w


21 days ago

WORD PUZZLE QUIZ is a classic word puzzle. Train your brain and improve your vocabulary with this relaxed wordplay. Expand your vocabulary and become a master of words! Put the letters in the correct order to form words. Take the challenge and test y