Applications by woojooin

CalcNote is text-based calculator supporting variable. When you want to calculate something but it's a bit difficult when using normal calculator... You can just write (type) down what you want to calculate. You don't even worry about calculating h

Are you using big size screen or multiple monitors ? Do you think it's annoying you to move mouse cursor around entire desktop ? 'Warp Mouse' makes you are free from hard work moving your mouse around so wide desktop or even multiple desktops. Let'

zCommander is advanced and comprehensive file management software. It looks like simple but is actually beautiful and powerful and rapid. Must-have Software for all users (especially for immigrators from PC and power-users). No more searching for Tot

TreeSize is Folder & Disk Analysis Tool. - Do you want to know what kinds of data you have in your Mac and storages ? - Do you want to know how much data of them are occupying your disk ? - Do you want to know detailed usage of disk space ? - Do you

image2icns is very easy & quick tool for making icns file. Just drag and drop image file and you will get ICNS file that can be used for any apps. "CANNOT be easier than this !!"

zGallery is the elegant software that shows, browses and edits images and photos in your folder and disk. It is very easy to use but provides all must-have powerful functions. If you’re looking for the solutions for managing images and photos,

*** The Fastest and Easiest way to Launch Apps & Docs *** - Just drag apps and docs then drop on the menubar. - Click to launch and it shows green light when the app is running. - Global hotkey support. - If you migrated from Windows you definitely

How many time do you capture screenshot to make presentation or blog post ? Don't you capture screenshot over and over to meet your satisfactory ? No more do that !! With GrabAll you just make one time shot and it will give you all screen elements

Disk Mounter is simple utility that gives you easier way to manage external disks & volumes. You can unmount and eject disk volume by just one-click. When disk gets mounted, unmounted or ejected it notifies you in the way you want (system notificati

PopupDic is simple app but it's very convenient to look up the word with internet dictionaries. - One click popup. - Quick popup by hotkey. - add or edit dictionary sites.

Couldn't be easier than this to get all image frames from animation GIF !! Just Drag and Drop GIF and you will get all image frames from the GIF image file. No need to explain more !!

DreamView is elegant and comprehensive comic and cartoon reader application which gives you the best way to read digital comic book. It can also be used for image viewer application. you can see all images contents in both of folders and compress fil