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«CleanMedia» remove the specific unnecessary, hidden files from the external USB/Firewire drives (must using USB drives enabled explicitly in the preferences) USB Sticks or SD-Cards, if these are to be used with other operating systems. N

This app lists all files with file size in the selected directory. The file name can be copied to the clipboard. Support for notification center is implemented. Features: • Read folder with all files an subfolder • List all files from

With "My Travel World" you can get all the countries that you have visited, highlight in the application. This gives you an overview and statistics how many countries in the world have you visited. The application shows in the statistics the percenta

«My Wine Storage» manage your wine cellar. «My Wine Storage» displays the current value of your wine collection. Enter minimum quantities in your wines, so you will automatically receive a message once it has been reached or e

«Açana My Books» manages your books, audio books, audio cassettes, comic collections and journals. For each entry a note and unlimited attachments can be added. Features: • Enter all data Details Title • Author &bu

«List My Apps» lists all application that are installed on your computer. Features: • Show all applications from the folder «/Applications» include subfolders • Show all purchased "Mac OS X®" app from the Apple

«My Tools» manages all your tools. (Garden tools, saw, drill press, etc.). With memory function for the return of the loaned tools. Features: • unlimited number of entries • date of purchase • price • Seller

With «Açana License Manager» you can manage all of your application licenses. For each entry you can add unlimited attachments (sales receipt, invoice, picture, etc.). Also you can import LicenseKeeper® data. Features: &bull

With "Açana Map2Pin" you can add a pin on the map for 25 countries, cities or locations that you have visited. You can share this locations with your friends through AirDrop, mail, message (iMessage), Twitter and Facebook and Flickr. Feature

With «EasyOCR», you can easily recognize text of scanned documents (with 150-300 dpi resolution) by text recognition. You can directly change the text that is recognized, or use the clipboard in other applications. The recognized text can

With "Contract Manager" you can man manage all of your contracts (Insurance, rental contract, lease contract etc.) Features: • Unlimited number of contracts • Unlimited number of user definable categories • Managing contractors, agent

If you must calculate a date difference, now your can do this easily with 'Açana Date Calculator'. Set the first and the second date and click on "Calculate" - Thats all, now you get the date difference in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes a

«Home Contents Manager» managing your home contents. You can manage all insured valuables. For each object you can add unlimited attachments (sales receipt, invoice, etc.). All data can be saved by clicking on an external drive. You can s

All 215 «Open Source Brewing Recipes» from «Brewdog PLC» with basic information, equipment list and brewing tips. With these recipes you can brew your own beer. Information from Brewdog: Many of the classic BrewDog beers were

With «Açana Screen Capture» you can easy create a screen capture. Additional you have many features and options to take a screen capture. Features: • Create full-screen capture • Create a capture of a single window &bull

With this application you can encoded Email addresses for HTML pages so that they can not be read by scripts or by a WebCrawler. It generates an HTML code that can be used directly in all common HTML editors. The application has a live HTML preview,

Textile Care

21 days ago

Statement 54 laundry care symbols (ISO and USA). Contains all current and all no longer valid symbols and their explanation Furthermore, following care instructions are available: • Detergent and fabric softener • Necessary detergents &bull

Features: • Show the current calendar week number in the status line • Show beginn and end date of week • Calculates the calendar week number from any selected date • Retina display support • The icon in the status line can

Generates a QRCode from any string or vCard file and save it as a PNG, EPS, SVG or vCard file. Features: • Generates a QRCode from any string • Generates a QRCode for: • vCard file (manually or via Drag and Drop from a vCard fil


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Finally, the long search has come to the proof of purchase in case warranty is over - thanks WarrantyManager. WarrantyManager manages the warrantees of all your products. You can add anything to WarrantyManager and build you own inventory database. P

With this app you can determine the approximate weight of a Atlantic Giant Pumpkin. This method is also called over-the-top or just OTT. Features: • Determines the weight with a total length of 177.8 cm to 1.257,3 cm (72 inches to 495 inches)

Copies the address of a contact in the address book to the clipboard. Aç[email protected] has this features: • Copies the address of one or all contacts to the clipboard • Address with either company/department • Copies the the title

With «My Vehicles» you can manage all vehicles. Do you remember on your first car? Or on the first bicycle? Or even to the first tricycle? Do you have old photos of it? Then enter the data into «My Vehicles», add the pictures

You receive a TAN list for online banking from your bank? You are afraid that the loss of the list TANs are used for illegal banking transactions? You fear that burglars your TAN list and the access could capture for your online banking? Then the app

«My Watches» manages all your watches. (pocket watches, wrist watches, grandfather clocks, etc.). Features: • unlimited number of entries • date of purchase • price • Seller / store • Manufacturer • Referenc

With AçanaPasswordGenerator You can easily create secure passwords. AçanaPasswordGenerator has these features: • The password is automatically generated • Copy the password to the clipboard • Automatic clearing of the cl

With "My Certificates" you can manage all your certificates digitally and also save them to an external data carrier. Thus, even in the event of a loss of your original documents, you still have the digital copies. You can also print out your school

Have you installed many apps on your system? The LunchPad spans many pages? The scroll list for applications Dock item seems to be almost infinitely long? Then FavoriteApps is just the application that you have waited so long. Create a favorite list

«Easy Passwords» is a password generator. It creates secure password that you can easily remember. The password are based on the Diceware® technology of "A. G. Reinhol". The passwords are created from a dicewords list. «Easy Pas

«Back2Me» manages all your things (Tools, car, scooter, CDs, DvDs, books, etc.). In addition you can send an email as a reminder, to the person you have awarded your things. Features: • unlimited number of entries • Date of