Applications by pblsound

Generate quickly custom automatization osc curves. Drawing the modulators balls you will obtain infinitive movement of the select control. The possibility of confine up to five modulators balls give you a lot of custom curves of automatization. You c

use your apple remote to send osc messages to your music apps you can control up to 40 controls growing via osc tiny interface easy use

Turn your computer keyboard in a osc controller. Control up to 36 sliders and 36 buttons. keys "a" to "l" are used for increase the sliders. keys "<" to "," decrease the sliders. "q" to "o" send buttons messages. Up and down change between banks. Com

load your favorite vst and write automatization curves quickly and easily. please look at demo video on support page how it works: -push load plugin button select your vst( two times, necesary for mapping purposes) -push read parameters plugin, wait