Applications by opcoderscom

This app makes it easy to crop out a small thumbnail from a larger image. USE-CASE: In a web shop there are usually many photos of products. However the products are not always centered in the photos, so the web master must manually crop out a thumb

Made for full screen image viewing! Features - Lanczos algorithm is used for scaling, looks great. - The image is scaled to fit to the screen edges. - Arrow left/right: move between the images. - Arrow up/down: adjust star rating. - Space bar: show

Examine the low-level internals of PNG image files. Chunks supported: - IHDR - Image's width, height and bit depth. - PLTE - Palette. - gAMA - Gamma. - tEXt - Textual data. - pHYs - Physical pixel dimensions. - cHRM - Primary chromaticities. - sRGB