Applications by jichun-Gong

Add stunning and creative blurring effects to photos, highlighting the subject you want to show. No need for techniques of photography, nor any fancy camera, you can effortlessly customize blurring background to highlight the subject you want to sho

Instantly create wonderful double exposure photos - 2 different images overlaid as one - in a few clicks! Double exposure photograph is no longer a top notch technique for professional photographers and fancy DSLRs. With the app PicBlender, a fantas

Collage Flow recognizes orientations of all your photos. Each photo will be completely displayed in a collage. Collage Flow offers a superior experience than ever to create photo collages, for it will not cut off any part of your photo. Just add a f

*** Make any item on a photo in color while the other part in black & white quickly. *** EasySplash is the most straightforward app that lets users to manipulate photo colors in every possible way. With EasySplash, you can easily create photos tha

UltraCollage makes it fun and novel to create photo collages with life photos. It’s an app that enables you to quickly create, customize photo collages and share with friends. You are able to customize a collage quickly from UltraCollage&rsquo