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ShadeIt dims your screen even more than current monitor settings allow. This is most interesting at night when you want to work without room lights switched on. ShadeIt supports multiple monitors and spaces. Adjust the brightness in the Status menu

For all users who having problems using the update: please delete the preferences-file: com.wr-media.Pixelruler.plist when you can't se the ruler, press the r-key (reset) Know the exact size and position of any element with Pixelruler. Pixelruler

Colorblender is a tool for creating color palettes for web design and other types of digital design. The main feature of Colorblender is to have a complete palette of six matching colors created when choosing only one "base color". This helps you to

Many others can create barcodes. But Barcody Express makes creating barcodes a piece of cake. Barcody Express provides various ways to output a barcode: Export, PDF to Clipboard, Drag and Drop. Barcody Express offers the following barcodes: ◉

Metronome is ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music.

Know the exact size and position of any element with MeasureIt.

HTML 2 Script Convert is a small tool for web developers that save your time when you need to insert HTML code in script files. You can convert the HTML source to PHP, ASP, JavaScript, JSP, or Perl. If needed you can define custom conversion scheme

Capture web pages, even the very long ones. DubbySnap helps you capturing web pages, even the very long ones. Collect any URLs in your DubbySnap database and export them in PDF or various image formats. Or send them via email. DubbySnap freezes the

CSS3Designer is a small tool to help you crate CSS3 styles.

Calculate your job work time more easily – never lose a single second any more! ◉ Perfect tool for freelancers! ◉ Measure your work time for projects now! ◉ Get an overview about your work time! Don't waste your valuable wor

Important notes are managed best with Notio »If only I could have kept the fantastic idea I had yesterday! Now I cannot remember the details!« Notice: With Notio you can create, import and manage notes. Notes can be plain text, but also

Visualize and share your GPS tracks. Many route planner applications and GPS devices track routes into GPX files. GPX stands for GPS eXchange. (Read more about the GPX format at Wikipedia.) If you take a walk or any other kind of route outside with


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Optimize your layouts for screen and web publishing With GuideLiner you can measure your web and screen layouts, check and optimize them for smaller screens and work with guidelines in all applications. GuideLiner offers horizontal and vertical scr

CSVEditor 2

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CSVEditor 2 makes editing CSV data more comfortable CSVEditor is the new Mac OS X tool which makes creating and editing CSV data more comfortable. You can create new spreadsheets or open any CSV file in any available encoding. Add, remove or move r

ClipboardSpy is a tool for developers who like to investigate the contents of the system clipboards, and allows to save them to disk. App specific clipboards are supported, as well. The content is previewed in a convenient way as HEX, or, if availabl

Supports OS X up to Mavericks (10.9). - If you are using a newer version of OS X, please switch to iCalamus 2 (available here on the Mac App Store, too). - - - - - iCalamus offers an easy approach to DTP, and is an excellent choice for creating eve

Get out of the font jungle! Find the right font faces for your layouts with Charmas in a few mouse clicks. FontFinder: You are looking for a certain font but you only know its name or the look of some characters? No problem thanks to Charmas. Font

Barcody 3

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Barcody makes creating barcodes a piece of cake Many others can create barcodes. But Barcody makes creating barcodes a piece of cake. Create barcodes series in no time. Print barcodes on label sheets. Barcody 3 supports 32 different barcode types.

AllMyPDFs is your place to import, manage, read and export all your PDFs. Use AllMyPDFs to easily get access to all your PDFs, find contents, flag or rate important PDFs and read them in a convenient PDF browser. AllMyPDFs manages all data of your

iCalamus 2 is the new generation of our easy approach to DTP, and is an excellent choice for creating everything from simple posters, to complex magazines, scientific works and book publishing. iCalamus is a multi-lingual, frame-oriented desktop publ