Applications by iiAtlas

Having two monitors on OSX is both a joy and a pain. Simple things like viewing a movie or playing a game quickly become a hassle when you have one screen playing and the other blasting full brightness your face. There is no quick and easy way to "co

AlarmBar is a simple menu bar application which allows you to schedule alarms from anywhere on your mac. When completed, a message will pop up and a sound of your choice will play. The real power in AlarmBar is the ability to run an AppleScript of

Breaker3D is a new twist on the long time classic "Brick Breaker." Complete with three game modes, plenty of built in levels, and a built in level editor, Breaker3D is the ultimate brick breaker experience. Classic -------- The BrickBreaker game y

A simple, easy to use mailto link generator. Skip the hassle of dealing with a messy syntax and confusing format, just plug in the information you need in any/all of the provided fields, click generate, and proceed to use your new mailto link as des