Applications by gigajin

This is a very useful UART communication tool. It can easily set the parameters for RS232, and then send and receive data

Do you meet this situation ?When you need email a file, but due to the file is too large to send ,So Only compress it ,But the compression still large ,How to do ? Up to try iFileSplit ,It may split a file into any size and can easily restore it t

Do you want to have a private network chat environment ? Come to use it right . iSocketChat let's you easily to create own network chat room, It is safe, but also independent .

This is a batch download tool,It can automatically extract all links from web page and for you to choose download files , simple operation, only need drag the URL address to iDownLoad window.

iSQLite is a powerful database administration and development tool , simple and practical, it is so easy to build your sqlite Database, come and get iSQLite now .

iMysql is a powerful database management tool ,simple and practical ,It is so easy to manage your MYSQL Database ,come and get iMysql now .