Applications by gfAppscom

ChordPro Buddy - The Chordpro Song Editor for the Mac What is it good for? ChordPro Buddy is a simple, but powerful song editor and viewer. It allows musicians of many kinds to create, edit and view their songs, lyrics and lead sheets. It allows to

DebugHelper is a small development helper tool, which allows you to clean up preferences, plists, container folders, Application Support folders and other files or folders with only one click. It's goal is to speed up the debugging and testing proce

MIDI Loupe allows you to monitor and log MIDI messages from one or multiple MIDI devices. It is mostly useful for debugging and testing your MIDI setup, if something goes wrong. Functions: Every registered MIDI Source is listed and has a separate c

Contacts2Phone is a small and convenient utility, which allows owners of Grandstream IP phones like GXP2000 or GXP1405 to export contacts from the Mac OS-X contacts to their phones. Contacts2Phone imports contacts from a given group of the centraliz