Applications by einsteins-legacy-v20-LLC

MovieMerge+ is a simple, effective tool for joining a collection of videos into a single movie. Ease of use makes MovieMerge+ perfect for applications in education, advertising, digital signage, video production, and stage performance. See a short o

MovieBriefs creates a thumbnail contact sheet that summarizes all or part of your movie. The resulting image can be inspected or shared. MovieBriefs is a great tool for videographers, writers and other editorial production staff. See a short overvie

PhotoStory is a simple, elegant and effective tool for transforming a collection of images into a high-quality digital movie. PhotoStory is an essential tool for photographers, marketing staff and others who are creating promotional, storytelling a

Deframe helps you to maximize the value of your video assets by giving you an easy way to extract and repurpose the images and segments you need. Deframe is an essential tool for videographers, editorial production staff, corporate media professional

MaxiFrame is a video playlist tool for fullscreen and multi-screen playback. MaxiFrame lets you organize and configure standard or dynamic playlists using modern and legacy QuickTime files. MaxiFrame is perfect for kiosk, digital signage, and stage p

Arena is a Quartz Composition visualizer that distributes rendering across multiple systems, connecting and configuring a network of performer computers to work as a single display. Arena is perfect for use in kiosk, digital signage, and stage perfor

LightTable gives you an unlimited virtual canvas to layout, inspect and compare images. Items can be resized, repositioned, layered and aligned allowing you to discover new storytelling perspectives. LightTable is an essential tool for photographers,

Splitt is an video splicing application that lets you cut your movies into an arbitrary number of segments. Precise Navigation Mode gives you frame-accurate control over the length of each segment. Splitt is a must-have tool for videographers and all

Silica is a visual rendering tool that converts quartz compositions to QuickTime movies. Users specify the length and format of the output movie and Silica does the rest. Silica is a must-have utility for visual media designers who need interoperabil

One Color Lite is an application that remaps all the colors in your images so that those colors fall within shades of a single color. The resulting image can then be shared with other applications or via the internet. One Color Lite is a handy additi

Monochrome converts batches of images to grayscale, giving you control over the conversion and post-processing effects, to create a consistent set of output images that can be shared and printed in a variety of ways. Monochrome is an essential tool f

Achroma is an image manipulation tool that lets you selectively remove colors from an image. Choose from a set of preset color ranges or create your own collection of user-defined ranges. Achroma is a unique creative tool for image manipulators and g

Phenomena is a quartz composition player that lets you access your composition’s parameters without needing an editor to update your compositions for different playback situations. Phenomena is an essential application for VJs, kiosk builders a