Applications by Yves-Tscherry

The all new AnyConvert !! Convert various units easily with this app. It offers a total of 478 Units in 24 categories. The app is designed to make conversions from one unit to another as simple as possible. AnyConvert contains categories like currenc

With Speek, you can learn and have fun. Insert a text in English and have it read aloud in English. Insert a French text and have it read aloud in French. All languages installed on your system are available. Features: - Choice of different voices

Finanza is the bookkeeping App for the rest of us! It’s super easy to add transactions, assign categories/vendors, append your bills as attachments and get an overview on how much you earned and spend. Finanza offers some powerful features tha

Check out the intro video on YouTube: Which page will come up if you open Safari, Firefox or Chrome? With WebStart it's getting better! With WebStart you create your own homepage for your browser easily. O

Lernen Sie Webdesign - einfach, verständlich, auf Deutsch! GERMAN ONLY. In insgesamt 35 Lernvideos mit einer Gesamtspielzeit von über 2 Stunden zeige ich die Grundlagen des modernen Webdesigns auf. Die Video-Serie richtet sich an Anfä