Applications by Yoann-Gini

Admin Tool Radius is a powerful tool developed by and intended for system administrators who require Radius settings on OS X Server. This tool has been tested from Mountain Lion up to Yosemite. Admin Tool Radius allows you to enable the OS X Server

--- Warning: the tool is compatible with Server v3 and v4 except for one thing, the list of connected users. The underlaying command (serveradmin command vpn:command = getConnectedUsers) is broken. I've submit a bugreport (#16376928). The rest of V

This simple tool allows you to export your OS X certificates usable for Mail signature and encryption on your iOS and OS X devices. The generated file must be securely transferred to your iPhone or iPad by yourself. When you open it on your mobile d

mDNSDumper (previously known as BonjourDumper) allow system and network administrators to discover services published on mDNS (Bonjour) and grab them as DNS records. One of the major improvements regarding other Bonjour browsing application and dns