Applications by YingShu-Tang

A sample app for browsing your Pinterest account without having to open your web browser! After installing, just one-click on the icon , the app will show at menubar ,Do not take up dock space. You can activate app by global hotkey,(Global hotkeys c

A fast and easy to use app to download photos for you. you can backup you photos in mac . or get photos from you friends that you like. Input the username in textfield and click "Download" button. Wait a minute , photos and videos will downloaded Yo

Time limit Special Offers Adjust the picture batch tool is a batch image conversion tool, easy to use, and can be converted to other formats, format conversion but also can add a prefix and suffix, support most popular image formats. Such as JPG, B

-----------Limited Time Offer, 50%------------ A easy way to make watermark for pdf file, text image and stamp supports jpg png , jpeg2000 bitmap etc Almost all popular image formats are supported  You can use pictures, text, and stamps

If you have some photos you do not want others to see, this program can help you manage your photos. Safe and effective management of your privacy picture collection. Import you privacy photos to the app,then you can delete photos from you device.

A powerful and simple tools for clean your hard disk. just one-two click. Disk-Cleaner helps you get useless files for you, so you can get more free space for later use. **************************************************** Note:After click scan ,

This app can download from url and manage downloaded files, support HTTP/HTTPS/FTP protocol. and support data resume(of course ,the server must support this.) How to use this: 1. Run the app. 2. Paste the url you want to download, can be a http/http

Simple and efficient translation tool currently supports 80 languages​​. After running this program in your menu bar appears next to the system time can be found. Do not take your dockbar space, easy to use. Main features: Multiling

A simple-to-use pdf watermarking tool, Support text watermark, images (company logo) watermark, stamp watermark, qrcode watermark. Supports almost all image formats. All watermark supports rotation, transparency and other effects. Main Features: 1.

A powerful app for show you folder size.simple to use. This program can show the proportion of each member of the space folder. Of course subfolders (folder) size is also displayed. You can easily see the biggest sub-file from the list (folder)

A simple app to show your disk status. can show read / write on status bar. Main features: Show on menu bar Up area show read status and speeds Bottom area show write status and speeds Green color means idle , red means working. How to use Just ru

SnapVideo-Extract image from video is that one can extract images from video applications. It provides a simple mode of operation, the extraction speed is very fast. And you can add to the output of the picture Text watermark and image watermark, s

powerful tools for make watermark for photo, you can use text or image as you watermark . batch process. Main Features: 1.Add text watermark 2.Add image watermark 3.Rotate text and image watermark 4.Make you watermark transparency 5.Set font and co

This app can download and backup video that you post on web. Support vimeo,Facebook,etc The most useful video downloader. This is a very simple and practical application provides a very easy way to network video file to download to your local. Thi

This app is a menu bar app for help you count down the important day for you! Run the app , will show on you menubar , Click on the icon and select preferences to start . Features Count down days and times Show on menubar. don't use you dock spac

The best mac video converter to GIF file tool. This program can convert video clips to gif files fast, easy to use Support mkv , avi , mp4 ,mpeg. Features: The video file is converted to a gif file fragments Adding text support Support add pictu

This program is a simple-to-use and intuitive tools, to monitor your current upload and download speeds. When you upload and download you can see the changes, Will automatically display the upload and download speed Main features: Show current n

remove privacy information from photo This application is used to delete the privacy information from you photo.Includes gps, exif, iptc ,etc. Note: This program will generate a new picture (and remove location information) does not modify or de

This app can open shp file for view the data, you can set frame and fill color for display.and support empty fill color, custom color(frame and fill) . adjust layer relationship. browser all datas. locate shape in map How to use: 1.Click open in the

Limited Time Offer 50% Audio-extractor can convert video/audio to WMA, MP3, m4a , aiff , wav . support rmvb, RM, avi, wmv , mkv mp4 etc . almost all popular formats . Of course, you can also convert from Flac ape to mp3 format. so you can put your

This powerful and simple app is used for view hex and hash values for you files. You can see hash values and file size, create time , modify time , group owner etc. Also show md5 , sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 for you And it can show hex dump str

This application provide a easy way to find duplicate( similar ) photos for you , support photos( in 10.10.3 ) . support to normal disk folder choose. with a very fast search engine. How to use: 1. Drag & Drop you folder ( or Photos library )to app

Fast and easy create a new file from status like new file functionality in windows After app run, you can clicking on the icon a menu is shown the files.very easy. After select filetype you want create , select the destination folder you

This program is a real-time view current memory usage information, And can help you clean up the memory, so that you can continue to release part of the fast memory to run other programs, which often allows a large program it is very useful, especia

Give your photo to add multiple images (LOGO) and text watermarks, QRCode watermark ,and you can set the rotation angle, opacity, shadow, adjust up and down the hierarchy of each watermark etc. Powerful and easy to use: • Support importing all

Fast convert video files to gif, Supports almost all video formats, use gpu acceleration technology so faster, support crop region to convert to gif files, supports output to customize the output size. Supports add text and picture watermark. Pretty

A easy to use and powerful app for play music, just drag files to app and double click file to play it. you can make playlist by yourself, support hotkey for next/prev etc. After launch app, select 'media lib', and drag mp3(or others music file

Time limited special offer The program can convert pdf file format for images, simple to use, supports the current popular formats (PNG, Bitmap, Jpg, etc.), you will no longer use inconvenient online conversion, support conversion to the specified di

This app is a powerful tool for change photo time,it will help you when you photo time is error. can set modify time and create time. Features: Change modify time Change create time Change Exif time Copy Modify time to create time ..... Force finder

This application can be real-time monitoring of your system memory usage and optimize your memory usage. After the program is running, will display the current usage of the memory in the system menu bar (an icon), very intuitive. Main features: 1.