Applications by Yang-Yubo

Support Trackpad and Magic Mouse, no Ads, Game Center integrated, play addictive 2048 with joy. How to play: 1. Swipe to move the tiles. 2. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. 3. Swipe until you get a tile that has a val

SSH Tunnel allows you to easily manage and precisely control your ssh tunnels. SSH Tunnel is able to remember the ssh login password and save it to OS X's keychain. Furthermore, SSH Tunnel is designed to automatically reconnect when your Mac is waki

SSH Proxy can help you turn any remote SSH server into a SOCKS / HTTPS proxy, intuitive and easy to use. SSH Proxy is able to remember the SSH login password & private key passphrase and save it to OS X's keychain. Furthermore, SSH Proxy is designed

SSH Shell - login to your server with one click. Notable Features: - Switch between SSH sessions using swipe gestures with Trackpad or Magic Mouse - Can manage multiple ssh sessions for different servers - Automatically reconnect after disconnected

SSH Copy is an intuitive SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) client lets you manage remote files as in Finder. Notable Features: - Uploading / downloading your remote files or folders by drag and drop - Holds multiple SFTP sessions for different s