Applications by Xing-Xing

Control your heroes and fight against the power of darkness in this innovative RPG! Background: This land has been ruled by orcs and other evil powers for long time. Human have been trodden down hoping for a better time, hoping for a saviour

This adorable, lovely and cute game is the first new mode number match-3 game. Doesn’t like other match-3 games, this game combines the style of sudoku. Connect the same number to win, please notice that new high score will appear at the star

Flappy Bird drives you mad? Here comes a loyal wingman who will fly with you! ·Control 2 planes ·Cute frame style ·Easy to start ·Gain coins to continue the game!

Flight Fight is a "FLYING COOL" game with sophisticated images of 3D characters and firearms, together with exciting rock music and fluent controlling system. All these will bring you fantastic game experience and enjoyment. * Sophisticated 3D cha

Tiny Dripper is a relaxing casual game which is easy to play, cute to look, and cost only 20s for a strander game! How to play: Use all 3 container at the bottom of your screen to catch the dripping balls, ball with the same color will gain you 1