Applications by Xiaolu-Li

Super fast and intelligent way to build, manage, track and deliver invoices for your clients. Must have app for every business owners or operators. Features: - WYSIWYG invoice generating and auto-calculating - Built-in CRM supported - Sending invoic

Visual Composer - Bootstrap 3 enables you to rapidly build a responsive webpage prototype based on Twitter Bootstrap framework (version 3). The prototype can be finished just by drag and drop in minutes. Although extra knowledge of bootstrap can defi

The extremely easiest way to create professional invoices with just 3 steps in minutes. Features: - 4 professional base invoice templates to select from - WYCIWYG. Very intuitive to use - Can save unlimited number of invoices - Directly exported to

This app offers an elegant way to build your own web form. No coding experience needed, absolutely WYSIWYG! You have fully control of your forms and can obtain the generated codes anywhere you want. Features: 1. Drag and drop from 14 pre-made and cu

Visual Composer - Bootstrap 2 enables you to rapidly build a responsive webpage prototype based on Twitter Bootstrap framework(version 2). The skeleton can be finished by drag and drop. Bootstrap 3 version is also available in Mac App Store: https://

Let you easily create artful text in CSS format.

Super effective way to setup and manage your team to complete projects. The system features tasks, forums, time logger, invoice and accounting systems and much more! Features: - You can create unlimited projects, tasks, objectives and invited unlimi

Just 2048. You know what it is :)

Newest technology that enables you to build modern websites beyond imagination, just in minutes, without any coding knowledge. Purely WYSIWYG! Features: 1. Drag and drop 26 modules/view controllers directly to build your websites (such as designer's

Interactive Map Generator can generate interactive/ infographic maps as embedded codes in your html page. No need extra files to your website. Features: - Hundreds of maps of worlds, continents, countries and regions to choose from - Editable color

Newsletter Visual Builder with 12 color options, 27 different elements, over 1 million combinations, let you create your template in three simple steps and fine tune it WYSIWYG. Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor supported with only ONE CLICK. Features:

Build and publish your online shop with Paypal checkout in minutes without coding. Best for students, personal sellers or even small online sellers. It only requires a HTML server (means any web servers), such as a personal webserver in every college

Visual Composer is a WYCIWYG block-based HTML builder and lets you build stunning pages and sites in seconds. This is the only "startup framework" you'll need. Piloto is a fully-featured multi-purpose, responsive Bootstrap based HTML 5 template that