Applications by Xelaton-Software

MarkMyWords is a comprehensive markup-writing tool for everyone who writes markup-formatted articles. Regardless if you are using Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, HTML or BBCode to format your articles, MarkMyWords makes writing articles f

SizeMyPics can support you in converting a lot of pictures to another format and size in a convenience way. Read all about the features SizeMyPics has to offer and how it can make your work easier. What kind of image-formats are supported? SizeMyPi

With eBookBinder you can create your own eBooks using your existing text-documents in a fast and covenant fashion. There are just three steps to your very own eBook: 1. Enter book details: Name of the book and its author, add an image for the book-c

"Myary" is an easy to use diary-style writing-application with powerful under the hood- and export-features. Features of Myary Saving your entries Every single entry will be stored in a separate file and you can freely choose where to save your ent

"Note-C" is a very simple to use application for collecting your notes, snippets and any other piece of text without limiting access to your entries, offering powerful under the hood- and extensive export-features. Features of Note-C Saving your e