Applications by Wu-Yang

As it’s name suggestions, iLove Video Downloader video downloading application designed for mac users to download online videos to the computer. It supports downloading videos from the most popular online video websites which allow users to dow

iLove Undelete provides an easy solution for restoring accidentally or unintentionally deleted files from your Mac, even after you empty your trash bin. It’s a useful file recovery tool for Mac user who has wrongly deleted files and emptied tra

iLove Video Merge allows you to merge two or more video clips into a whole one by three steps: 1.Import your videos. 2.Drag the video to move down/up to change the order, please note that the output video parameters will be the same as the first one

Have you been bored with the ringtones that Apple pre-loaded on your iPhone? Want to make some more unique ones? iLove Ringtone Maker will help you to convert your favourite music into iPhone ringtone. With user-friendly interface, this app allow use

Do you want to add a logo to your own video for sharing on internet? With a user- friendly interface, iLove Video Watermark allows you to add image and text watermark on your videos.It is an excellent solution to stamp personalized watermark on any

If you are looking for a great audio recording software for mac, it's hard to go wrong with iLove Music Recorder. This app is an excellent music and voice recording program that lets you record sound quickly and easily. With only a few clicks, the mu

iLove Sticky Notes is a very useful memo assistant for Mac users. With iLove Sticky Notes you can pin notes to your desktop which can help remind you of something urgent or important! You can customize the background color of your notes and it always

iLove Video Cut is a powerful video cut tool. It is easy to use. Just need three steps: 1. Import video. 2. Drag slider to cut video. 3. Export video. Key Features: * Cut your videos to custom lengths. * Play the videos for preview. * Support

Large videos often take quite a lot of storage space on your Mac. Do not worry, iLove Video Compressor can help you to reduce the size of your videos. After shrinking using this application, your videos will be slimmer which save more space for you.

If you have vacation, wedding and family videos that want to share with your family and friends, or you have some good downloaded videos and homemade video clips that you want to make them into your own movies, it is a good choice to burn them into D

iLove Audio Extract is an audio extracting tool for mac to convert video files into audio formats. It's very useful for those people who are collecting sounds/voices/music from various kind of videos or movies. Key Features: -Support most popular v

iLove Unarchiver is a very useful decompressing tool for mac users. It support unarchive all common of archive files such as Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2. Besides, this tool can automatically detect and handle the filename encoding in the ar

iLove Data Recovery is a powerful Mac data recovery software which can help you to recover all your deleted, formatted, lost, virus-infected or inaccessible data in various devices on your Mac. Such as external hard drive, such as SD card, digital

iLove Date Changer is an affordable file and folder creation and modification date changing tool for Mac users. It gives you total control over file creation and modification dates of your files or folders. With this app, you are free to set the cre

iLove Video Recovery is an app designed to recover lost, formatted, wrongly deleted or inaccessible video files from hard disks, digital camera memory, SD card, USB external drives, etc. This application ignores the file system and goes after the und

If you are looking for an app to boost the sound of your home videos, Skype video messages, or your favorite Games, iLove Media Volume is a great choice. This volume booster application that can quickly increase the sound volume of any video files on

Mac users may find it cumbersome to drag and drop files between windows, apps, spaces and full-screen apps. iLove Drag Dock will make things easy. When you start dragging a file that exists on your hard disk or content from an application, this app w

iLove Audio Cut is an easy-to-use audio cutting program, you can use it to cut off any unnecessary parts of an audio file you don't want.It is very useful for making customized ringtones for your mobile phone. How to use: 1.Click the "Import" icon

iLove Blu-ray Creator is an excellent Blu-ray burning software that enables you to burn video files to BDMV on Blu-ray discs (BD-R, BD-RE, BD-25, BD-50). It supports creating Blu-ray discs from camcorder videos and various common videos. By using th

When you are looking at a photo from your album and saw the date it was taken, you may start remembering how great it was when you took that photo. Or there maybe some pictures of yourself, and you know exactly how old you were. Every photo hold

If you want to leave your mac without shutting it down and being sure that no one could access your desktop while you are not present, iLove Screen Locker might be really useful for you. What this application does, is blocks momentarily your desktop

There may be many duplicate files that have been unknowingly accumulated over the years on your Mac, which take large space of your hard drive unnecessarily. iLove Duplicate Cleaner will help you to find and get rid of those identical files, this can

Duplicate songs are very annoying as they are the waste of disk space. They litter your hard disks, slow down speed, and cost you more on backup. iLove Duplicate Songs Cleaner can find out and delete duplicate songs in your computer very effectively,

iLove Video Splitter is a useful tool that helps you to split a large video file into several smaller clips under Mac OS. With this tiny and simple app, you can import existing files from your hard drive in any format, play it and set split points, t

Want to create beautuful slideshows with music easily? iLove PhotoToVideo will help you to make instant slideshow videos from photos & music you love. How to use: 1)Click "+" button under "Photos" to add your images.You can delete one or all images

iLove Video Crop is a great tool that will help you to crop your video files. With this program, you can manually select any part of your video file and crop it. It comes with a video player that will let you watch your videos for preview before or a

iLove Video Editor is an easy-to-use video editing application for mac users. With simple controls and an intuitive interface, this app can help you to trim video length, apply image or text watermark, crop video size to remove black margins, rotate

There are some cases that you may delete your precious photos unintentionally, or accidentally press "OK" when get the "Delete All" message on camera's screen, you may also lost photos during transferring them from camera to your Mac. When encounteri

iLove JPG Compressor allows mac users to compress JPG and JPEG image files to save space. This app offers an option for you to set the compress level, better quality means a larger file while lower quality means more compression and a smaller file. I

iLove VideotoGif is a helpful application that can convert video clips into animated GIF. Key features: * Convert videos in various formats into animated GIF, such as MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI,MOV,etc. * Trim a certain section of your favorite video by dr