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Instantly hide and show all files, folders, and app icons on your messy desktop with Desktop Ghost! You don't need to move all the files on your desktop to take a screen recording or a screenshot anymore! Temporarily hide your messy desktop with Desk

Easily scale your @3x images down to @2x and standard definition for your iOS and Mac apps! Just drag and drop your @3x named images onto the window and let iScale @3x do the scaling for you! Features: -Automatically generates an @2x and a standard

**NOTE: You can now change the default directory File Cabinet displays to any local folder of your choosing.** File Cabinet is the file manager for the OS X menu bar. Quickly navigate to files without cluttering your desktop. Open, move, rename, ta

Desktop Ghost Pro allows you to easily hide and show all files on your messy desktop. Features: -Instantly hide and show all files on your desktop. -Optionally run Desktop Ghost Pro as a menubar extra application for easy access. -Hide/Show your d

Word Counter Pro is a simple and powerful application for writers. With Word Counter Pro you can view statistics of your writing such as Word count, Character count, Sentence count, Line count, Paragraph count, and more. Word Counter Pro allows you

Quickly and easily extract images out of your Visual Attributed String document files with VAS Image Extractor! VAS is the file format used in the Visual Attributed String Mac application. The Visual Attributed String Mac application allows you to gr

Bulk Image Resizer lets you rapidly resize groups of images. You don't have to open your images one by one in an image editor to resize them anymore! Features: -Resize groups of images by points or by percentage. -Rename images and/or add a suffix

iCorner Radius allows you to create a rounded rectangle out of any square shaped image! Have you ever needed to round corners for an app icon (or any image for that matter) and had an exact corner radius in mind? Have you ever opened your favorite i

Have a PDF file that contains images you need? Did you lose the word processing document you used to create the PDF and now all your are left with is a virtually un-editable PDF file? How are you supposed to get those images out? Many PDF software pr

Instantly preview your icon designs in the dock with iDock Icons! If you're a designer or Mac developer this tool will save you tons of time! Simply drag and drop your images onto the window and you can instantly see how they look in the dock! Effor

This app allows you to open a new Terminal window from Finder with the current working directory set to the directory being displayed in the Finder window. You can also open a new Terminal window with the current directory set to a selected directo

Welcome to Brick City! Let's play cards! Play the classic card game, "Solitaire" (also known as Klondike) in BRICK CITY! Tired of playing Solitaire on the same old boring green table? We thought so! This app is for you! Features: -3 card draw and 1

You're arguing with a friend about something, and you decide you'll settle the argument the old fashion way: flip a coin! Don't have any change? No problem! Use the Coin Flip app! Coin Flip is the first coin flipping widget for OS X Yosemite's Notif

Create NSAttributedStrings for your iOS and Mac applications by simply writing text and applying effects to words and paragraphs in the document like you would in any word processing application! Visual Attributed String is the most advanced WYSIWYG

The Tic Tac Toe World Championship app allows you to play multiplayer or single player matches of Tic Tac Toe right on your Mac. Features: -Play turn-based multiplayer matches with others on iOS and macOS with this app. -Play "Single Player" matche


icns Machine is the easiest way to generate icns files for your Mac applications. With icns Machine, you can create an icns file from a single image or from multiple images. You can also set a scaling option for your source image(s). Features: -Gene

Stop playing boring slot machines with lucky sevens and bar symbols. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. What those machines are is mild. Mild as in not sharp, pungent, or strong: a mild flavor TURN UP THE HEAT with the Jalapeño Slot M

Plist Converter is the fastest and easiest way to convert plist files on the Mac. Convert a plist to and from the XML, JSON, and Binary format with this GUI app. You can also use Plist Converter to batch convert many plist files in a single operation

iSize Icons Pro will generate properly sized app icon images for your iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch apps from a single 1024x1024 large icon image. iSize Icons Pro can also generate properly sized icons for CarPlay. With iSize Icons Pro you can export yo

Viewing XML in a text editor is a painfully slow process, especially if the XML file isn't formatted. Stop wasting precious time! View XML files quickly and efficiently with Raw Dog XML Viewer! Easily drill through the XML tree using the outline view

File Cabinet Lite is the lite version of File Cabinet Pro, the file manager for the macOS menu bar. With File Cabinet Lite you can view files directly from the menu bar. File Cabinet Lite is also a document-based application that ships with a built-i

Easily add device skins to your iOS app screenshots with iPromo Art Creator. If you’re an iOS developer, sometimes you want to display your app screenshots with the device’s frame around it to create a realistic look on websites and other


Easy Image Reflection 2 lets you generate an image with a reflection effect appearing at the bottom. You can even generate the reflection as a stand alone image to use in your favorite image editor! Create reflections in three easy steps: 1. Drag a

Tappie Plane was just going for a nice joyride, but there’s one problem: THE ENGINE IS FAILING! Tappie Plane needs your help otherwise it will start falling, all flappy-like. Tappie-tap your mouse or trackpad and make sure you don’t steer

Note: Easy Image Reflection 2 is now available and includes a new Action Extension for OS X Yosemite and some additional features! If you want the Easy Image Reflection Action Extension you should buy Easy Image Reflection 2 instead. Easy Image Refl

NOTE: iScale @2x is now free! Apple introduced @3x images for higher resolution devices! To scale @3x images upgrade to our new app iScale @3x! Description: Easily scale your @2x and -hd images for non-retina devices with this time saving app! Just

File Cabinet Pro is the file manager for the macOS menu bar. Quickly navigate to files without cluttering your desktop. Open, move, rename, compress, tag, trash, copy and paste files, all from the menu bar. You can open many file types natively in Fi

Easily reverse engineer spritesheets with this tool! Get your sprites back as single standalone images. So you're a game developer who lost the source images for your sprite sheet; it's not a crime and you don't have to panic. Don't try to slice th

Have a Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx file) that has lots of images in it? Would you like to quickly extract all the images out? Image Extractor for Microsoft Word Documents is the perfect app for you! All you have to do is drag and drop a .

Don't waste time generating your icon images with those apps that dump a million icons in a single unorganized folder. iSize Icons creates and saves all your iOS and Mac sized icon images in well-organized folders, ready for you to drag and drop righ