Applications by WorksByBurkes

Can't get graph paper with the grid or the paper size you need? Print it yourself! GraphPaperGenerator will create a graph sheet in any size your printer will print, with a grid to your specification. Square and rectangular grids, with lines as far a

HowMuchFabric is primarily aimed at quilters who like to design, but would prefer doing as little math as possible. HowMuchFabric asks for a figure type: Squares Rectangles Hexagons Circles or any of four types of Triangles ...t

Oblique Graph Paper Generator allows you to create graph paper to your specifications. Right triangle grids with, for US measurements, triangles having sides up to 2 inches in length, or for metric measurements, triangles having sides from 1 mm up to

Do you do a lot with hexagons? Would graph paper make it easier? HexiTriangleGraphPaperGenerator creates hexagonal-grid graph paper where the hexagons are divided into equilateral triangles. These triangles may be up to 2 inches (52 mm) on a side. T

IsoOrthoGraphPaperGenerator creates a hybrid isometric/orthographic graph paper to your specifications. If your printer can print it, you can create it!

Do you need log-log or semi-log graph paper? Are you tired of having to settle for configurations that don't quite do what you want? Now you can create log-log or semi-log (log-linear) graph paper, to your specifications, in any size that you can pri

This app generates a regularly-spaced grid consisting of dots. The dots are spaced and sized to your specifications, and are printed on any size paper that you can print. Print several to play the "dot game" with the kids, use it as gift wrap, or...

PerspectiveGraphPaperGenerator allows you to create graph paper with perspective lines to your specifications. One- or two-point perspective, with or without a grid, for metric and US measurements. The paper size is up to you; if your printer will pr

Can't find graph paper for polar coordinates? Would graph paper with a circular grid help you sketch something? Whatever your reason, here's the app for you. RadialGraphPaperGenerator will print a circular grid with from 1 to 25 circle lines per inch

HowManyPieces is primarily aimed at quilters who like to design, but would prefer doing as little math as possible. Have you ever cut up a piece of fabric, thinking that you would certainly get from it the number of pieces you expected, only to find