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ShotPro is bringing true pre-visualization to Filmmakers, Directors, DP’s and Storyboard Artists on all major platforms. Easy to use interface lets you build compelling 3D sets and scenes. Everything comes to life when you animate characters,

60% OFF Sale!!! Get it now! Have a blast racing and smashing your way to first place with this fast paced free style game. Really three games for the price of one. 1) A short race through the Sierra Nevada Foothills. 2) A long endurance race in t

Math Race is a fun way to learn your basic math. A fun, high-pased, 3D game that will help young mathematicians learn their addition, subtraction, and multiplication in no time. Perfect for schools or individual use.

Enjoy the biggest and most beautiful fireworks experience. Create your own musical fireworks show. Just hit the record button and tap along with the music. It will all be recorded. Show your creations to your family and friends. FEATURES • Ma

If you like air-hockey try this realistic simulator. The 3D style gives you a true arcade feel. Sharpen up your skills with two additional training modes. Boost your speed, timing and accuracy. This feature is unique to Air-Hockey XL. Thousand

NEXEFX is next generation technology for adding many cool and fun effects over stills or your live camera. Mix and match them and make stunning creations. • Many color correction effects. • Uses Text Mesh Pro for stunning text FX. •

Make the eagle soar through the trees in this challenging game of skill. See how far you can get. Compete with your friends in the Game Center.

Make the eagle soar through the trees in this challenging game of skill.  See how far you can get.  Compete with your friends in the Game Center.

Blingy has been a popular app for years on the iPhone and the web. A staff pick as a widget, Blingy has now been optimized for the Mac with three game modes including a new Rain mode. Not just another bubble popping game, but a game of strategy and f