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Rename All your PDF documents Quickly in Few Clicks "the best PDF renaming app on the Appstore - very simple and easy to use and gets the job done with 90-100% accuracy …. awesome ;-)" ( H.ibrhaim, Malaysia) "Just love it. - Perfect for tech

QCode is a fast, lightweight and powerful animation tool that turn vector drawing and animation to Objective C and Swift code. Creating animation for your iOS/OSX project now is easier than ever. Just change any properties; you will see animation ch

Drawing manually using Xcode is tedious, if not hard. BezierCode is a full vector drawing application that will automatically translate your drawing into Objective C code. Its user friendly intuitive interface can help almost anyone to design beautif

Using SceneTool, you can generate Swift / Objective C code from Apple's own 3D high level framework, SceneKit in real time. With easy to use and simple GUI, SceneTool let you experiment and create a basic 3D scene quickly to be used in your Xcode iO

Icons is very important for a developer. This tools help developer to quickly resize icon to multiple size for iOS or Mac. Actually any developer can develop this simple app. But why waste time if others have done it for you? Features - Support all

Would you like to keep history of your played video games? Do you want to keep track of your game play time? GamesGrapher can do that. Keep track of your video games playtime from retro to current gen console. It let you key in video games playtime

BezierCode is a vector drawing application that automatically translate your drawing into Objective C code to be used in Xcode. You can save time even for a simple path! BezierCode Lite version is an affordable version of BezierCode with a few omitt