Applications by Voglhuber

Simple App to shutdown/sleep/restart/logout your Mac after some time. You can choose hours and minutes.

With Article Spinner 2 you create a article template and then generate hundreds of unique articles from it. Top Features: -Thesaurus (database with synonyms) -Automatic publishing to Wordpress blogs -Spintax syntax highlighting -Unl

This app always shows your current latency to a server in the statusbar. You can use a URL ( for example) or a IP. In the settings you can select your refresh interval and the URL.

PageRank Checker shows the current PageRank of your websites.

With Content Generator you can quickly generate lots of content for your website. You only have to create one template with synonyms for words or whole sentences. Then Content Generator will randomly choose one of the synonyms to create a unique text


With Download Limiter you can download files and still use your internet connection with low latency. You can play a game or stream a TV show and still have your download finish in the background. You can select your bandwidth limit to any value. T