Applications by Vlad-Alexa

TXTcrypt is a general purpose text encryption application for sms/email/notes etc. focused on ease of use and interoperability between mobile and desktop versions. With TXTcrypt just enter your message and a password for it , now the encrypted messa

Memory Magic monitors your Mac's memory usage and transparently performs optimizations aimed at freeing/relocating memory. Secondly it features history graphs to help you visualize both physical and virtual memory usage patterns and a manual "Force

AppsBar gives you a easily accessible launch bar for all your recent closed applications. It keeps track of all* your applications that you close and shows them in the order they were last closed (less used applications have a semitransparent icon).

Loadables attempts to provide a exhaustive list of all the kind of processes, plugins or libraries that are loaded in your system on boot time, on log in, on demand, etc and the services provided by the running applications. It differentiates* defau

Applications provides a exhaustive list of all applications or executables in your system with in depth details about each one. It will show the architectures (ppc/i386/x86_64), the localizations, wether the app is signed, has a mac app store receipt

FeedBoard cycles a news feed on the screen, top to bottom, zooming each item in the middle of the screen, each item zoomed or not can be clicked and the list can be scrolled trough. It can also be configured to read via text to speech the feeds as a

Vtrace is a visual traceroute application that shows* a list of the network servers from your machine to a target ip address or hostname and it attempts to place each to their corresponding location on a map. *The ability to show and determine hops

Music Library Magic analyzes your iTunes library and the music files you have on disk to help you keep the two in sync and without duplicates. Once you drag in the library and the disk folders it will show you what files appear more than once in you

This is the server for MagicTerminal clients. MagicTerminal clients remotely send terminal commands to any Mac OS X machine running the MagicTerminal desktop server on the local network. It allows for multiple simultaneous terminals and auto discover

DiskFailure has a single purpose, to warn you about a potential or imminent hard disk failure before the disk is rendered nonfunctional/data is lost. It will warn you trough alert dialogs, growl notifications and the menubar icon, it also features*

TTScoreBoard is a virtual table tennis scoreboard, it can be controlled from a mouse by a referee to keep and show the score. The facing of the display can be configured either for viewing by the referee or the players, the scoring can be configured

NSMonitor displays the stream of CGEvents*, FSEvents, NSWorkspace and Distributed Notifications in real time. It also builds a log of IORegistry changes, network usage, sockets and file usage and their corresponding applications**. It attempts to b

App Magic records your application usage data and makes it accessible for you to visualize. Both the time of actively using an application is recorded and the passive one along with the number of times each application was launched/quit. App Magic

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and pretty much all spreadsheet or database software can import/export it, but you already knew it, CSV Magic banks on that and enables easy filtering, visualization and correlation of data taken from a CSV file.