Applications by Veenix-LLC

Easy-to-use, proportion and resize calculator, unit convertor and fraction to decimal equivalents chart. PROPORTION & RESIZE CALCULATOR Quickly and easily find reduction and enlargement metrics for height, width and overall scale. UNIT CONVERTOR Us

Create professional printed font catalogs, sample sheets and pdf books of your font collection. PLEASE NOTE: It is now required by the OS that all uninstalled fonts be kept in a folder in your User folder. Example path: Users >> yourname >> My Fonts

Basic income and expense tracking for small businesses and freelancers who file U.S. Schedule C with their taxes. Fast, easy and intuitive. Features: - Track income and expenses - 40+ pre-defined income/Schedule C expense categories - Multi-year su

View your fonts quickly with this innovative WYSIWYG font viewer! PLEASE NOTE: It is now required by the OS that all uninstalled fonts be kept in a folder in your User folder. Example path: Users >> yourname >> My Fonts. Otherwise third-party apps w

Discover your net worth with Net Worth Pilot! Having a detailed record of your assets and debts is useful for: - Securing a mortgage - Re-financing - Insurance claims - Car loans - Student loans and other loans - Peace of mind! With a sleek, moder

Debt Calcz™ is a really fast and easy-to-use debt payoff calculator for credit cards, store cards and other compound-interest debt. Calcz™ & Convertz™ — Making math more attractive! TWO WAYS TO CALCULATE 1. Find a monthly p

"Quick Characters" is a menubar app that gives you quick access to special characters that have hard-to-remember keyboard equivalents. (Examples: ©, ®, ™, €, ¥, ÷) Simply launch the app, note the "Quick Characters" ico

Convertz™ is a delightfully easy-to-use unit converter for commonly converted values. Convertz converts values for: - Temperature: Farenheight (F°) and Celsius (C°) - Distance: Miles and Kilometers (Kms) - Capacity: Gallons and Liters

Easy-to-use desktop clock, time and date stamp and signature stamp. Features: -Desktop clock with 24 hour and 12 hour formats -25 common time and date formats including ISO 8601 UTC format -3 signature lines -Small desktop footprint -Keep window on

An eloquent, easy-to-use resize calculator. Simply enter the original width and height and either a new height or a new width and click the "Resize It" button. The results display shows the scale value and a value of the unknown metric. You may cho

One Thing is a very quick, easy-to-use app that helps us focus on and get things done "one thing" at a time. ... the one thing we absolutely have to do today. ... the one thing that never seems to get done because we never never write it down becau

Quickly find great new colors with Hip Hues! Easy To Use: - Click the Refresh button to generate new colors. - Click on any color to see the color larger and show the hex value. - Click on the display chip to replace that color with a new random co

Fun and easy-to-use funky fab filters for your selfies and other photos — also a great chromatherapy tool to relieve stress! Easily transform your photos into something spectacularly colorful! Works with both color and black and white images.

Money Calcz™ is an easy-to-use multi-function financial calculator featuring a Retirement Calculator, a Loan/Mortgage Calculator, a Savings Calculator and Debt Payoff calculator. SAVE WITH OUR ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALE! ===================== RETIRE

"Scale It" is a small, easy-to-use graphic scale calculator. Simply enter the original width, original height and the scale amount (percentage) and click the "Scale It" button. Results are displayed in the top panel of the window and can be selected

Sales Calcz™ is an easy-to-use, multi-function sales & marketing calculator for business, sales, marketing, and finance professionals. CALCULATES: - Markup - Margin - Price - Profit - Discount % - Discount $ - Sales Tax - Unit Price ESSENTI

Loan Calcz™ is an easy-to-use loan calculator for fixed-rate loans. A refreshingly clean and modern interface makes calculating more pleasant, even the not-so-pleasant things like loans. Easily calculate your monthly payment for a given loan a

Instant image distorter photo frame! Instant fun! Easy To Use: 1. Drag and drop a photo into the app window. 2. Select a Crazy Level from the popup menu. 3. Laugh! 4. Resize your window. 5. Laugh some more. 6. Keep funny in your face by clicking t

Instant image enhancer. Bring out the best in your photos, scans, wallpapers and artwork. Easy to use: 1. Simply drag and drop an image in the app window or click the "Open Image" button. 2. Select a Soap Level from the popup menu. 3. Toggle the or

Delightfully simple desktop clock and photo frame. Simply drag and drop a photo or select "Choose Photo..." from the "File" menu. Resize your window and photo as necessary. Select a 24 hour clock or a 12 hour clock. Choose whether or not to show sec

Future Worth is an easy-to-use inflation calculator with options for appreciation/interest and historical inflation rate averages. How much will your cash and assets be worth in the future? Find out quickly and easily with this small, handy calculat

Easily create and access great-looking signatures, stamps and even quick responses for messages and chats. Include an official IOS 800 UTC time and date stamp with your text. Liven things up by using emojis in your signatures and using any extra li

Fast, easy-to-use photo-based journal or diary. Great for research, general notes, reports, travel log and more. Features: - Beautiful, uncluttered interface - Easy, intuitive input - Several export and printing options - Sharing option - Data back

High quality distinctive, easy-to-use filter effects for your photos and artwork. Instantly turn ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. No photo editing skills necessary. Explore the many hidden worlds in your photos. HQ full resolution p

Design Folio is a simple and elegant digital portfolio or database for graphic designers, artists, photographers, architects, sculptors, fashion designers, interior designers, craftspeople and anyone who creates visual media. Organize and share your

High quality distinctive, easy-to-use filter effects for your photos and artwork. Instantly turn ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. No photo editing skills necessary. 21 HQ full resolution photo filters and effects with automatic imag

FitTime is a unique, color-cycling desktop clock with many customizable fitness alert features. Start with gentle Ocean Wave & Thunder nature sounds paying in the background to keep your body loose and your mind focused while you work. Set audio a

Instantly create unique and beautiful abstract art right from your own photos or image files. Use as wallpaper, screen savers, or art for cards, posters, wall art and more. Give your creations as gifts, or even sell them. 4 Abstract Styles: - Smoot

Fast, fun and easy-to-use filters to splash your images with color, or use as a great color therapy tool to relieve stress! Color therapy is a proven technique to relieve stress and ChromaSplash makes it incredibly easy. Easy to use: 1. Drag a ph

Keep track of your cash and discover money you didn't know you had. Our cash exists in a variety of forms and places these days: - paper money in our wallets - coins in various places and containers - savings accounts - checking accounts - pre-pai