Applications by Vanaple-TechnologyHK-CO-Limited

The battleship is the classic naval strategy game where two players try to sink each other's hidden ships. Battle of Midway Pro is an awesome 45 degree angle battleship game in the Mac. There is no relation between this game and the historical back

Origami is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD. This is an education application of origami. It contains 18 live demonstration videos putting into one - to - one correspondence with 18 objects, for

The Acupoints Ultimate is on the basis of Chinese traditional medicine theory. With the help of portability and facility of MAC platform, it shows Chinese medicine acupoints in a brand new visual angle. Users will learn enormous acupoints through 6

√ What's more in the brand new ultimate edition acupoints app 'Acupoints Ultimate' (It's available in Mac App Store now.): In this ultimate edition, we make the powerful auto-search function, full and accurate method to locate the point, indica

Physics SUCKS! It’s hard and really boring! WAIT don’t stop reading! We make it FUN! Have you ever thought about killing large amounts of digital people with only ONE bullet? Well now you have your chance with our new game BOUNCE THE BULL