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Calendars, Contacts and Tasks – All in one CRM app! Vipor is a breakthrough, mobile CRM app that makes it simple to track what you did with your clients, organize what you need to do for them, and get things done – so you can build bett

VIPorbit Contact Manager includes a full-featured calendar, customizable contact database, integrated task list and so much more. “I love the VIPorbit app. I think it’s a superior way to manage my contacts, calendar, and communications,

Organize your personal and professional life the easy way! Vipor Plus is the best, all-in-one calendar and contacts app that helps you stay on top of schedules, in touch with contacts, and provides instant access to important details. Vipor Plus

Vipor – Calendar, Contacts, and Collaboration – All in One App! ** SPECIAL OFFER - FREE DOWNLOADS FOR A LIMITED TIME ** Get yours today! And send the link to all your friends, family and colleagues, so everyone can organize their perso