Applications by Uemura

Movie player which can play MPEG4,MOV,m4v format. 【Concept】 The purpose of this app is to provide features not to QuicktimePlayer. (e.g. Speed Control,Scale,Seek Time,Frame-by-frame playback etc.) If you expect that you can play a fil

Trimming the video files.(input file format : mov/mp4/m4v) Down scaling and change format (pass through/3840/1920/1280/640,mov/mp4)

This app set file's created date and modified date. 【how to use】 ・click Select button, select one folder or one file ・set the date or time,or both ・click Done button

This app combines multiple video files into one file. File type to be operated is mov or mp4. The files must be same screen size and same file type. ※The file that this app create can only play successfully on Mac and iOS devices.

Search video files by selected video types and directories. Sort files by file’s information. 【Functions】 ・video types:mov/mp4/mpeg/avi/3GPP/wmv/rm ・sort:filename/filepath/duration/creationDate/modificationDate/s