Applications by Twocanoes-Software-Inc

Push Diagnostics is a simple to use utility that will quickly verify that the appropriate hosts can be reached on their respective ports from any network you are on. Just open, click, and know. One button interface provides a quick overview of APNs r

Geohopper works with Geohopper on iOS to automatically run actions on your Mac and show notifications when your friends or colleagues enter or exit an area. First, you use Geohopper on iOS to define locations and automatically notify friends and coll

Do you work with beacons with iBeacon Technology or Physical Web Beacons? Then download Beacon Scan, and see all the information you need about nearby beacons. Feature Set: --------------- See nearby beacons! Supports both iBeacons and Physical Web

Do you need to share a link to a particular file within your Dropbox or similar application? If your friend or colleague has access to the same folder, Local Path allows you to copy a file’s direct location and share via email, private chat, or