Applications by True-Blue-Apps

ClickPlot is a data viewer app designed to make viewing and navigating plots of your data files so easy and intuitive you'll quickly learn far more about your data than you ever thought possible! Revolutionary Features • File format is autodet

EE Tool Kit provides circuit solvers, references, tutorials, and example circuits all in one easy to use app. All solutions are found using standard component values (ones you can buy) and are optimized to provide the best solution in a range of tol

Simple and capable, Any Base Converter is an unobtrusive base converter that gets out of the way. Simply start typing in one of the predefined base fields and, as you type, the other base fields show the result. Conveniently placed separators and a

First described in the late 1800s, the term biorhythm refers to the rhythmic cycles that affect a persons performance in various areas such mental and physical ability and emotional activity. Biorhythm Calculator provides a quick and easy way to see

Would you like to know who was on your Mac when you were not looking? Who's Looking can help. Unlike other apps that only snap a picture when your computer wakes up, Who's looking works in two ways. First, Who's Looking continuously snaps and stor

Need to keep an eye on whats going on? Want to know if the kids made it home or what the babysitter is up to? Would you like to snap a picture of the intruder that is stealing you computer? Home Watch is for you. Home Watch constantly monitors up

Unique in its category, Biorhythm Pro offers feature not found in other Biorhythm applications. This easy to use, full featured app includes: • A manual (select Help from the Help menu) that explains how to use all of the apps features. The ma

Universal Conversion Calculator attempts to be just that. A conversion calculator that will convert just about anything in one unit, or sets of units, into another. Over 380 units are built in, and a nearly unlimited number of custom units can be ma

Quick Convert is a simple and easy to use conversion calculator. Select the type of unit you have, length for instance, and then start typing in the value. All of the other units update while you type. For example, suppose you have a measurement g

Want to see who is coming up behind you? Have a web cam and need to monitor an area you can't quite see from your desk? Behind You is the app for you. This simple and easy to use app uses your built in camera or an external web cam. The image win

This handy cook’s helper works in two ways. It will either size recipes (say you have a recipe for 6 but need to serve two) or convert measures from one set of units to another. It will work across different sets of units converting from and

Number Squares is a magic squares game that has a simple set of rules making it easy to learn while providing more than enough depth to be a challenge. This classic number puzzle game dates back to 650 BCE and still provides many hours of enjoyment

Why not feel better and increase your productivity at the same time? Sitting at a computer focusing on the work you are doing can take a toll on your body. It is amazing how much better you will feel and clearly you will think if you take a break a

Built for speed and efficiency, EE Quick Calc provides a dozen handy solvers for dealing with circuit calculations and length conversions as well a calculator that is powerful and easy to use. All electrical values are displayed in engineering units

Simple to learn but hard to master, Raveled provides hours of entertaining challenge. The goal is to drag the pieces so that the attached lines don’t cross one another. Sounds simple enough until you try. Once you select your level of diffic

Image Gear is an easy to use tool packed with over thirty image adjustments and effects. Use it to enhance your photos or apply special effects to them. Each effect features multiple options so you can fine tune your image until you get the results

Why do so many calculator apps look like a physical calculator? We don't know either. If you want to quickly get the answer and make fewer mistakes, use a calculator app that works well on your computer. Quick Calc is built to quickly do calculati

Game Gadget has six sets of six dice, six timers, a score keeper, and rules for number of dice games. Use it to play just about any dice game you can imagine. It is also great for keeping score in other games and as a replacement for lost dice and b

Game Timer is a great game timer that has all of the features you would expect. Small things, like hitting any key on the keyboard to switch players, makes it a pleasure to use. Game Timer supports multiple timing modes as well as a move counter.

With over 1,800 puzzles, Pakhus is a fun and engaging game that will keep you entertained for many, many hours. The game play seems deceptively simple. Each puzzle presents a room in which there are crates, obstacles, and targets. The objective of