Applications by TrozWare

A Knight's Move is a puzzle game where you have to move your knight across a board to a target square, using the same movements as a knight in chess. Pawns may block your way, while enemy bishops, castles, knights and queen may try to stop you. Get

Pic-a-POD is a utility application that downloads the picture of the day from a selection of web sites and optionally sets your desktop picture to a selected or random one of these pics. Download PODs from: • Astronomy • Daily Digital

Man Reader allows quick, convenient and easy access to the man pages on your system, useful for programmers, system administrators and tweakers. Man pages provide the help needed to configure and use Unix commands and are usually accessed through Te

Icon Builder

2 days ago

Do you create apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or iMessages? Are you tired of having to make so many different images every time you make a new app or change the icon? Do you know how many icon files you have to create for each platform? Lo

Convert an image file to an icns file or assets folder suitable for a Mac app in just 2 steps: 1. Drag an image into the window. 2. Click the "Create icns" or "Create assets" button. That's all it takes to create icns files for use in Xcode 4.4 or

World Time In Words is a menubar clock and time conversion app that tells you the time and date in plain English for your own time zone and for any others you choose. It takes you out of the digital era and back to when saying “quarter to seve

Dice Pass is a utility to app to generate random passphrases based on the Diceware system. Diceware uses a table of pre-defined words, each assigned a 5 digit code number containing the digits 1 to 6. The official way to generate a phrase is to roll