Applications by Tranquillity-Base

mChapters is a simple chapter marker editor for MP4/MOV files. ・Easy to add chapter markers ・Easy to edit chapter titles ・Easy to edit times of chapter makers ・Add multiple chapter marker tracks by language ・Fast sa

This is a simple photo metadata editor for Jpeg and Tiff image files. Enable to edit embedded metadata in image files, enable to add metadata into image files. Addable, editable and deletable metadata types: ・TIFF, Exif, GPS, XMP, IPTC ӥ

QuickTime and MP4 movie file format provides subtitle track. Subtitle Factory does edit the subtitle tracks and texts in them easily. ・Add/remove subtitle tracks ・Multiple subtitle tracks ・Insert/remove/edit subtitle texts ӥ

Frame Grab provides you to extract frame images from your movies very easily. The app exports images as JPEG, PNG or TIFF file format. You can export one by one, or multiple frames in the export queue at a time. The app provides the continuous grabb

AV Sync Fix allows you to fix unsynchronized audio/video movie files. It does not edit actual encoded media sample data. It edits time-mappings. You can immediately recognize a modified synchronization and you can save it without loss of audio/video

Calendar Converter is a simple tool for converting a date in one calendar to the date(s) in the others by using the functions provided by macOS. The following calendars are supported. ・Gregorian ・Buddhist ・Chinese (Sexagenary cyc