Applications by Tomoyuki-Okawa

- Create 2D Logos Easily -

xLosslessAudio exclusively deals with two lossless audio formats that are quite common in the world of the classical music. It allows the user to quickly convert an entire folder containing audio files with FLAC (.flac) or Monkey's Audio (.ape) into

* Correct the overall balance of a picture without changing image dimensions * * 50% off (US$3.99 to 1.99 or equivalent in all price regions till May 15, 2015) * Straighten is an upgraded version of an existing software title called goHorizontal and

* Post sticky notes with pictures, text memos, time-events on a multi-page virtual bulletin board * Almost every household has a refrigerator where family members post their drawings, pictures and sticky notes with phone numbers. Is it too much to

* Create Multi-Color Circular Text Images * - Description - TextAround2 is the second major release of a desktop application that lets you create a text image along a circular path. It’s been developed from a scratch with several new features

aClocks Desktop is a desktop version of an existing iOS app that lets you run multiple analog clocks at a time. Just as the iOS version does, aClocks Desktop covers more than 200 cities around the globe. aClocks observes day light saving time and Jap

* 33% off (US$2.99 to 1.99 or equivalent in all price regions) till August 31, 2013 * - Convert a Set of Text Files into RTF Documents - [Description] Text2RTF is a desktop application that lets you batch-convert a set of text files (.tex) into RTF

* 50% off (US$29.99 to 14.99 or equivalent in all price regions) till Mar. 15, 2014 * - Scan video clips for faces - * Description * Imagine examining a security video to find suspicious individuals. Spotting human faces over a long video clip can

* TURN A RECTANGULAR PICTURE INTO A NON-RECTANGULAR, DISTORTED IMAGE * Fit Perspective is a desktop application that lets you fit a rectangular picture into a non-rectangular area over another. It won't just rotate a picture. It's designed such that

* Adjust resolutions (dpi) of multiple image files at a time * RezRex is a simple desktop application that lets you alter resolutions on multiple images. - Features - 1. Drag and drop image files directly onto the list box. 2. The application sup

- Make a circular picture cutout with a border color in 1-2 -3 - * Overall description * CutAround is a simple desktop application that lets you cut out a circular area of a picture with a click of a button. You can of course define a circular are

- Generate Objective-C Code For Shaping a Sprite Polygon - When you develop a 2D game, it's likely that it will involve one or more sprite images. One way of shaping a complex game character is to construct a polygon connecting vertices with NSBezie

FontsView is a simple text previewer with the font of your choice.  Sometimes, it's not very easy to pick the best font especially if you have hundreds of them to choose from.  FontsView will let you quickly preview text with a given font s

ROTATE A PICTURE TO CORRECT THE ANGLES OF A LARGE RECTANGULAR OBJECT. * 50% ($US$1.99 to 0.99 or equivalent in all price regions) till Oct. 31, 2013 * goHorizontal lets you rotate a picture such that the line between two arbitrary points you set wil

- Scan Pictures for Faces, Filtering Faces - // Description // faceBlock is a desktop application that utilizes OSX‘s Core Image to detect faces on pictures so that they can be isolated as separated images or entire pictures can be exported wi

There are so many audio devices that only supports Windows Media Audio (WMA). If you have an IC recorder like my Olympus DS-50, chances are that it'll record audio only in WMA. As far as those audio files remain in this format, it won't be easy to

UnpackX is a little Mac application that will let you unpack disc images and file archives into folders. The supported formats are 7Z, BIN, DAA, ISO, RAR, RAR parts. As for 7Z, DAA and RAR (not RAR parts), UnpackX can work on password-protected fil

ExportW2Q is a simple and quick solution to converting Window Media Video (WMV) movies into QuickTime movies (MOV), one at a time. It's very simple to use. After configuring export settings, simply drag and drop a WMV movie onto the drop box. And

- Keep track of files and folders wherever they are -

- Quickly Create Web Button Images - Buttons123 Plus is an extended version of Buttons123, an existing software title. This application adds several features to the basic functions of Buttons123 so that you can make web buttons more attractive. Ins

* 50% off (US$31.99 to 15.99 or equivalent in all price regions) till March 1, 2014 * - Analyze raw server log files generated by Apache effectively - AccessOPache is a desktop application that lets you analyze raw server log files generated by Apac

* 50% (US$9.99 to $4.99 or equivalent in all price regions) till July 15, 2013 * - DIVIDE MULTIPLE AUDIO CLIPS INTO SEGMENTS OF AN EQUAL DURATION AT A TIME - audioKut is a Mac desktop application that lets you divide one or more audio clips into se

iVerify allows the user to check the credibility of two types of Internet addresses: e-mail addresses and URLs. Although it is impossible for any application to find out whether or not a given e-mail address exists or is in use with certainty, iVeri

- Get access to 5 dozen high-resolution abstract images - * Description * High Resolution Abstract Vol 2 is a collection of high-resolution abstract pictures you will never find anywhere else. It comes with 64 4,000 x 3,000 px royalty-free pictures

ExportF2Q is a simple and quick solution to converting Flash movies (FLV) into QuickTime videos (MOV), one movie at a time. The video will be compressed with MPEG-4, and the audio track will be compressed with AAC. Please note that ExportF2Q may no

Shrinkables is a simple application that will allow the user to shrink (not to enlarge) any number of images to 20 different sizes (or less) of your choice at a time. Simply, drag and drop one or more picture files directly onto the listbox, which s

* Convert SVG into an image (JPEG, PNG, TIFF...) in 1-2 -3 * SVG2Img is not a vector graphics tool. Rather, its objective is to convert SVG graphics into a common graphics format like JPEG, PNG, TIFF. Simply, drag and drop an SVG file onto the top s

* Rename files and folders in the Folder You Select * LittleClean2 (an updated version of LittleClean) is a desktop application that lets you execute name changes on multiple files and folders in a folder you select at a time. It's designed such th